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"Vedartha Sangraha of Sri Ramanuja" #translated into English by M.R. RajaGopala Ayyangar# ~1956~

DOWNLOAD (English):

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: Excellent English translation by M.R. RajaGopala Ayyangar, published in 1956.  

The 1st part of "Shree VedArtha-Sangraha" is anti-mayavadic: it refutes various mayavadis (Shankara, Bhaskara and etc.)

The 2nd part conveys Vishishta-Adwaita basics in a compact form. By the way, OM VishnuPad Shree RamanujAcharya often cites "Shree Vishnu-Purana" in the 2nd part. 

This scan belongs to my E-Library on Cryptpad (E-Library, containing crucial and the most recommended Vaishnava-Granthas), you can visit here - #Cryptpad light E-Library#

Some technical details regarding scan optimization: The scan had been optimized by me in PDF X-Change and I shrank the scan size from 238 MB (megabyts) to 73 MB. No quality is lost, still if you need original  and huge 238 MB scan - you can find on archive.org  - https://archive.org/details/VedarthaSangrahaRamanujaTr.RajaGoplaAyyangar

P.S. The cover in the beginning of the post is not original, had been re-designed by me in GIMP as usually!