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VISHNOH PARAM PREYASIM - "My favourite Verses from "Shree Venkatesha Suprabhatam"

Mother, You are the Controller
Of this universe,
The Supreme Lover of Vishnu.

You delight in Being His Bosom Companion
And make Him more Tolerant always,
Your Two Tender Hands
Gracefully hold Lotuses.

Seated in the Lotus, Lakshmi,
You show Fine Qualities
such as Affection, and so on
Gloriously, I salute You, Mother!

"Shree Venkatesha Suprabhatam", 3.1

The Ocean of Compassion!

The Creator of all the worlds!

Auspicious Lord!

The Omniscient!

The most Competent!

The Protector of the devotees!

You are Sarvaseshin,
The Whole where everything rests!

The Master, the Good!

The most easily accessible God
The Parijata tree making the wishes
of the devotees materialise,

Sri Venkatesa! I fall at Your Feet!

"Shree Venkatesha Suprabhatam", 3.2

People, eligible to go
to heaven and for salvation,
on their way
notice the peaks
of Your temple tower,
change their mind
and prefer to live on the earth.

Lord of Sri Venkatachala
Good morning to You!

"Shree Venkatesha Suprabhatam", 1.20

Spouse of Sri Devi and Bhudevi!

Nectarine ocean of compassion
and such other immortal qualities
Chief of the celestials!

The only Saviour for the entire world!

Most Affluent!

Ananta, the divine snake,
Garuda, the divine bird.
and many more fall at Your feet
Lord of Sri Venkatachala,
Good morning to You!

"Shree Venkatesha Suprabhatam", 1.21

Bhagavan Shree Krishna (Child)



being overcome by Tamoguna, dozing off  half  the time; 

if awake, spending time by thinking of other peoples' tribulations; 

spending time craving for mingling with spear-eyed  (velkannaar) girls; 

spending time without craving for the sight of the feet of the dark-bodied (kariyaan kazhal kaana) God;

spending time doing itineraries and schedules suiting one's varna or caste; 

not passing time with the chanting of Dwaya; 

spending time by praying to other gods; 

not spending time by worshipping the God; 

passing time by studying ordinary common scriptures;  

not spending time by listening to and meditating upon special scriptures dealing with the God; 

spending time by following various strategies for earning which result in tribulations and disaster;  

not spending time for following strategies for  redeeming the soul; 

passing time by causing nuisance to others; 

not spending time by obliging  others; 

passing all time eating others' food alone; 

passing time indulging in one's own food; 

passing time being subservient to other women and owing to that, not showing interest in one's wife; 

spending time by stealing other's articles only; 

passing time without being able to spend one's own articles; 

spending time with chess and betting; 

not spending time by writing, reading listening, bowing  and  worshipping the philosophical aspects; 

spending time without one's own house; 

spending time gardening and doing  other activities for the sake of one's own livelihood; 

not spending time by tending and caring  a  garden for the sake of Acharya's service; 

spending time for protecting one's own family;  

not spending time for  protecting Acharyan's family;  

spending time tending one's own physical needs; 

not spending time guarding the physical frame of Acharyan; 

spending time bathing oneself alone; 

not spending time helping and serving srivaishnavas to bathe etc; 

spending time feeding oneself with milk, pudding etc; 

not feeding srivaishnavas with ghee- rice -milk- pudding etc; 

spending time tending oneself wearing good dress and flowers and smearing sandal paste and enjoying; 

not spending time by adorning God with flowers sandal pastes and perfumes, silken robes etc;  

spending time watching mean quality dances; 

not visualising the dance of God (maayakkootthu) and passing time; 

wasting time telling dirty jokes and poems; 

not passing time telling divyaprabandham; 

wasting time merely going in search of visiting  punyateerthas and wearing the feet out; 

not spending time going in search of the sripaadateerthams of srivaishnavas;  

spending time merely going in search of punyakshetras; 

not spending time going in search divyakshetras to visit God; 

spending time in poetry and drama; 

not spending time perusing the God's ballad SriRamayanam; 

spending time merely with  itihasas and puranas; 

not spending time perusing the outpourings of Alwars (Aruli Ccheyals);  

spending time studying other darsanas or philosophies which are the hypothesis or purva paksha;  

not spending time with a deep study of one's own darsana or the established philosophy; 

spending time in mere service to God;  

not spending time in the service of a good Acharyan.

FROM "Virodhi Parihaarangal or Removal of Obstacles" 
related by Udaiyavar Ramanujar to 


FROM "Virodhi Parihaarangal or Removal of Obstacles" related by Udaiyavar Ramanujar to SriVangipurattuNambi - http://vishnudut1926.blogspot.ru/2014/02/virodhi-parihaarangal-or-removal-of.html


Considering strategies other than The Lord as strategy; 

Treating the Lord and the other strategies on an equal footing; 

Thinking that one's active personal decision was instrumental in choosing the strategy for liberation and that otherwise the case of everyone's liberation would arise; 

Not thinking that adopting a strategy is only to highlight the difference from inanimate things (achit); 

And not realising that even this depends on  the  Divine  Dispensation  of   the Lord. 


Not accepting The Authority of the Vedanta which bestows impeccable knowledge; 

Treating Vedanta and other pramanas on an equal footing; 

Not having faith in the words  "maa sucha";  

Not considering the Psalms of Alwars as the most important authority;  

And having distrust in the words of Poorvacharyas. 


Thinking of the body and sense organs as the soul; 

Thinking of the soul as self-dependent (independent); 

Considering the Lord as unsatisfied or incomplete; 

Considering Brahma and Rudra etc as Lords; 

Presuming  persons other than the Lord as protectors; 

Committing breach of right conduct and  respect to God's people, Acharyas and devotees of the Lord.

"Virodhi Parihaarangal or Removal of Obstacles" related by Udaiyavar Ramanujar to SriVangipurattuNambi


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The Weapons of Bhagavan Shree Rama

FROM - "RAMAYANA OF VALMIKI" translated by Hari Prasad Shastri, ENGLISH, 1952 (1709 PAGES) - http://vishnudut1926.blogspot.ru/2014/02/ramayana-of-valmiki-translated-by-hari.html

Having passed the night resting in the forest, the illustrious Sage Vishwamitra spoke to Rama smilingly, in sweet accents:

"O Prince of Great Renown, I am entirely satisfied with Thee and I am happy to give Thee these weapons by means of which Thou shalt be able to conquer and subdue all thine enemies, whether devas, asuras or nagas.

Accept these divine weapons, O Rama. 

Here is the great Celestial Disc and the Dunda weapon, the Disc of Dharma, the Kala weapon, the Disc of Vishnu and the irresistible Weapon of Indra. 

O Great Prince, here is the Mace and the Spear of Mahendra the Brahma-Shira and the Ishika. 

O Mighty-armed One, take the Shankara weapon and the two great maces Koumoduki and Lohitamukhi. 

O Great Prince receive also the mighty Dharma-pasha, the Kala-pasha and the Varuna-pasha and two other maces called Shoshka and Ashani; the Pinaka weapon, the Narayana weapon and the fire-emitting weapon Agneya.

O Rama, take this wind weapon, Vayuvya, and the horse-headed weapon, Hayashira, also the Krauncha weapon. 

I give Thee further two powers and the weapons called Kankala, Mushala, Rapala and Kinkini. 

O Mighty Prince, I confer on Thee the two supernatural weapons named Vidyadhara and Nandana, useful in fighting the Asuras.  

Take this jewel among swords, which I give to Thee, O Mighty-armed One, and another supernatural weapon named Gandharva, and here, O Rama, is one very dear to me called Manava. 

Here are Prashaman, Soura, Praswaprana, Darpana and that which has the power of drying up, and the pain-inflicting weapon causing lamentation. 

I grant Thee also the strength to bear the Madana-astra presented to me by Kandarpa which creates in man unbearable sexual desire so that he is unable to fight. 

Here also is the Paisha-astra and the Mohan-astra.  

O! Illustrious Prince, receive also the weapon that produces inertia, and the great Saumana weapon. 

O Great Prince, here are the Samvartta, Moushalya, Sattyastra and Mayadhara, and take the Tajaprabha by means of which the strength and courage of the foe are withdrawn, and also the Shishira which chills and the Somastra and Twashtra. 

O Rama, now Thou art all-powerful and knowest the secrets of magic, yet take the Bava, Shitesu and Manava astra also. 

O Prince, receive the Paramodara-astra, take all these weapons from me."
Then the great Vishwamitra turned his face to the east and performed the purificatory rites with joy, conferring on Rama the mantrams for employing the weapons and instructing him Mantrams—sacred formula in the methods unknown even to the gods. 
All these weapons did Shri Vishwamitra confer on Rama, and he, repeating the appropriate mantrams, caused their presiding deities to appear before him. 

Approaching with joined palms, they said: "O Prince of the House of Raghu, we are Thy servants and will obey thy behests." 

Shri Rama, having surveyed and blessed them, answered: "Come and serve me when I summon you." 

Thereafter, Shri Ramachandra offering salutations to the venerable Sage Vishwamitra, said: " Let us proceed further, my Lord."

"SHREEMAD BHAGAVATAM", Skandhas 001-012 (presumably "Gita Press"), Sanskrit-English


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It is impossible to determine which translation it is, because no output data are designated in the scan. 

Presumably it is Gita-Press. 

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