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"Vedanta Desika His Life, Works, Philosophy" by Satyavrata Singh, Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series, 1958

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Книга-шедевр, я очень рекомендую. Книга отличается уникальным, энциклопедическим охватом идей Шри Шримад Веданты Десики. В книге обсуждаются такие темы как Вишиштадвайта-Веданта, Прапатти, Агамы и Самхиты, садхана Шри Рамануджа-Сампрадайи и многие другие темы. Дальнейшую часть рецензии я напишу на английском.

ANNOTATION IN ENGLISH by Vishnudut1926: This book is more than splendid and it can be be divided in 4 parts. 

The first part tells about life of Shree Shreemad Vedanta-Desika. It was great for me to know that Shree Shreemad Vedanta-Desika was initiated in Garuda-Mantra (page 12). Some interesting stories are mentioned in the book in this regard. 

The second part dwells on brief descriptions of main Granthas by Shree Shreemad Vedanta Desika. The list of Agamas and Samhitas, cited by Shree Shreemad Vedanta Desika is mentioned on the page 110 and if you are interested in Pancaratra topics, you will find this information very useful. 

The third part of the book is Vedantic and it has brilliant sinopsis of Vishishtadvaita. 

In the fourth part such notions as Prapatti and Sadhana are discussed. The sinopsis of Shree Shreemad Vedanta Desika's Stotras in this part is extremely vivid, spiritually exhilarating and inspirational at the highest degree.

The book is unique, because it vividly tells about Vishishtadvaita (without overburdened falls in boring technical terminology) and because it really sheds brilliant, inspirational light on Para-Bhakti-Yoga notions.

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