воскресенье, 9 февраля 2014 г.

Now, Rama, sleep...

There are a lot of simply beautiful Verses in "Shree Ramayana". 

While I have been reading "Shree Ramayana", I have bookmarked many of them. 

One of the Verses (spoken by Vishwamitra, The Guru of Bhagavan Shree Rama):

""The leaves of the trees are motionless, the birds and beasts are silent and darkness covers all. 

How imperceptibly the evening has passed away. 

The sky is brilliant with stars, as if a thousand eyes gazed down on us. 

The bright Moon with its cool beams, slowly rising higher and higher dispels the darkness. 

Nocturnal wanderers and the terrible flesh-eatine yakshas prowl about here and there."

I have also the other English version of "Shree Ramayana", which rendered in English Verses. That't how these Verses had been rendered in this Edition:

Now, Rama, sleep, that nothing may
Our journey of tomorrow stay.

No leaf on any tree is stirred:
Hushed in repose are beast and bird:

Where'er you turn, on every side,
Dense shades of night the landscape hide,

The light of eve is fled: the skies,
Thick-studded with their host of eyes,

Seem a star-forest overhead,
Where signs and constellations spread.

Now rises, with his pure cold ray,
The Moon that drives the shades away,

And with his gentle influence brings
Joy to the hearts of living things.

Now, stealing from their lairs, appear
The beasts to whom the night is dear.

Now spirits walk, and every power
That revels in the midnight hour."