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"SHREE NAMRATNAKHYA STOTRA" #Shree RaghuNathaLala Rachita#, Sanskrit-Hindi

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English annotation by Vishnudut1926: This is one of The Grantha for the extensive study by me for this winter (along with "Shree Krama-Dipika" and several Shakti-Agamas in Hindi), I will write the review afterwards. 

For me this is one of the most anticipated Granthas, can't wait to read and the story behind "Shree NamRatnakhya Stotra" is the following (cited from http://www.kripanidhi.com/Pathshala/sevenBalaks.htm):
"Shri Raghunathji was the fifth son of Shri Gusainji, he was born in the year 1554 A.D. He loved Shri Gusainji very much. Every morning Shri Raghunathji would open his eyes only after he was infront of his father Shri Gusainji, till then he would keep his eyes closed.
One day when he was going to the darshan of Shri Gusainji woth closed eyes, his head smashed into a pillar and he fell down.
Immediately Shri Gusainji gave Shri Raghunathji a drawing of himself and told Raghunathji to do darshan of that drawing in the morning.
Just as Shri Gusainji has shown his love for his father - Shri Vallabh - by writing 108 names in praise of Shri Vallabh in the "Sarvottam stotram", Shri Raghunathji has also created 108 names of Shri Gusainji in the "Namratnakhya stotra".
This shows his love for Shri Gusainji. He can be differentiated by the pag (head-gear) he wore"

"Shree Radha-Prarthana-Chatushloki" - my dear worshipable Ishwari birth after birth

While reading "SUMMARY OF SHUDDHADVAITA VANGAMAYA" by Sharad Goswami I have noticed a brief note about "Shree Radha-Prarthana-Chatushloki", which looked like this:

I have searched internet, but found only one source, so the following variant of "Shree Radha-Prarthana-Chatushloki"  is from - http://nitaaiveda.com/Compiled_and_Imp_Scriptures/Vaishnava_Song_Book/Sanskrit_Songs/Sri_Radha-Prarthana.htm

"Shri Radha-Prarthana-Chatushloki" written by Shri Vithalacarya

 kripayati yadi radha badhitashesha-badha
kim apara-vishishtam pushti-maryadayor me
yadi vadati ca kincit smera-hasodita-shrir
dvija-vara-mani-panktya mukti-shuktya tada kim (1)

If Shrimati Radhika is merciful to me, then all obstacles to my devotion will be removed. There will be nothing more for me to attain because I will have received the fruits offered by the paths of both vaidhi-marga and raga-marga. 

And if She will speak to me while smiling gently, I will see Her brilliant rows of teeth which are like lines of priceless jewels. 

Having seen them one time, the goal of gaining liberation from material existence will be rendered insignificant.

shyamasundara shikhanda-shekhara
smera-hasa murali-manohara
radhika-rasika mam kripa-nidhe
sva-priya-carana-kinkarim kuru (2)

O Shyamasundara! O You whose head is adorned with peacock feathers! Your face is always graced with a playful smile, Your flute-playing is enchanting, and You are expert in relishing rasa with Shrimati Radhika. 
Because You are an ocean of mercy, I am appealing to You to please make me a kinkari (maidservant) at the feet of Your beloved.
radhika-pada-tale krita-sthitim
tvam bhajami rasikendra-shekhara (3)

You are the Lord of the life of the daughter of Vrishabhanu Maharaja and are like a bee who is always eager to taste the nectar of Her Lips. 

O Rasika-Shekhara, foremost of those who are rasika! 

I don’t desire anything other than to always reside at the feet of Shrimati Radhika.

samvidhaya dashane trinam vibho
prarthaye vraja-mahendra-nandana
astu mohana tavati-vallabha
janma-janmani mad-ishvari priya (4)

O Nanda-nandana! O all-pervading Prabhu! O You Who enchant my mind, and indeed, the minds of all! 

Taking a piece of straw in my teeth, my humble entreaty to You is that She, who is the love of Your life, will remain my dear worshipable Goddess (Ishwari) birth after birth.

"SUMMARY OF SHUDDHADVAITA VANGAMAYA" by Sharad Goswami #Shri Vallabhacharya Trust# 2005

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English annotation by Vishnudut1926: I liked this Book very much. 

Actually this is a Synopsis of crucial Granthas written by Acharyas of Shree Vallabha-Sampradaya (Pushti Marg). 

This Book is especially valuable in case you are searching for some rare Granthas of Shree Vallabha-Sampradaya. 

Thanks to this Book (and Kripa of Shreemati Radharani-Devi, of course!) I have found "Shri Radha-Prarthana-Chatushloki" written by Shri Vithalacarya.