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Very beautiful Verse about The Loka of Bhagavan Shree Vishnu. In Sanskrit:

परमानन्दजननं सर्वकामफलप्रदम् /
विष्णुलोकात् परं लोकं नात्र पश्यामि भो द्विजाः // ६८.६९ //

paramAnandajananaM sarvakAmaphalapradam /
viShNulokAt paraM lokaM nAtra pashyAmi bho dvijAH // 68.69 //

Water sanctified by Lord Krishna against pishacas, graha doshas...

Sometimes people ask if there are exorsism rites in Vaishnavism. The simple answer is yes, but most of them are hidden in Vaishnava Tantras. 

Though, there is a simple way to remove

तत् फलं कृष्णम् आलोक्य मञ्चस्थं लभते नरः

A number of Verses in "Shree Brahma-Purana" is based on repeating patterns, for example:

लक्ष्मीपङ्कजषट्चरण (lakShmIpa~NkajaShaTcharaNa)

Chapter 62 (or 65 in Sanskrit editions) of "Shree Brahma-Purana" contains very beautiful and simple "Jaya Jaya" Hymn, Devoted to Bhagavan Shree Krishna. 

I fell in love with The Phrase लक्ष्मीपङ्कजषट्चरण (lakShmIpa~NkajaShaTcharaNa), used in the Hymn. 

It translates as "Bhagavan Shree Vishnu Who Acts Like a Bee towards Shreemati MahaLakshmi-Devi (Who Plays The Role of Lotus Flower for The Bee)". 


By the way, the next epithet in The Hymn is जय जय भक्तवश (jaya jaya bhaktavasha). 

It translates as "Bhagavan Shree Krishna Who is influenced by His bhaktas" and the epithet itself is very consonant and conformable with "Shree Krishna-Karshini" Siddhanta I have posted about today - http://vishnudut1926.blogspot.ru/2015/05/shree-krishna-karshini-how-to-become.html

And the Hymn sounds like this:


This Asana is rather rare, but once I saw it, I have decided to include in my Yoga complex, as I like very much all the Asanas, developing chest and arms. I have omitted steps 04-05 from the Asana. 

Please see 4 pages instruction on minus and dropbox

Rejecting all Purusharthas: the truly esoteric concepts of "Shree Bhagavata-Purana"

This post belongs to the series of posts, dedicated to "Shree Bhakti-Rasamrita-Sindhu", see the list here - http://vishnudut1926.blogspot.ru/2015/05/selected-verses-from-shree-bhakti.html

Bhakti stipulates the rejection of all Purusharthas. 

Actually, all the Purusharthas is trash and litter which is akin to

Shree Krishna-Karshini (how to become an attractor for Bhagavan Shree Krishna)

This post belongs to the series of posts, dedicated to "Shree Bhakti-Rasamrita-Sindhu", see the list here - http://vishnudut1926.blogspot.ru/2015/05/selected-verses-from-shree-bhakti.html

"Shree Krishna-Karshini" is one of the classic notions of Shree Gaudiya Sampradaya. 

Classically, Bhagavan Shree Krishna is reckoned to be

Why Jyestha Month is called Dashahara?

The considerable part of "Shree Brahma-Purana" is Devoted to Bhagavan Shree Jagannatha Worship and especially The Triad of Shreemati Subhadra-Devi, Bhagavan Shree Krishna and Bhagavan Shree BalaRama.

I will post the corresponding Chapters later, but