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Prapatti Verses from "Shree Varaha-Purana" (in Sanskrit)...

Approximately 2 months ago I have published a post in English dedicated to "Nyasa-Yoga" (Prapatti) Verse from "Shree Varaha-Purana" - http://vishnudut1926.blogspot.ru/2017/02/prapatti-verses-from-shree-varaha-purana.html 

This Verse is especially crucial for Shree Ramanuja-Sampradaya, because it is akin to Shree Varaha-Charama-Shloka and secures Moksha in just 1 life for Prapannas. 

I have found this Verse in the Sanskrit Edition of "Shree-Varaha-Purana (link), it sounds in the following way (Chapter 142, Verse 62 in this English edition, but Verse 59 in this Sanskrit edition):

यस्यैतद् विदितं सर्वं न्यासयोगं वसुन्धरे |
योगे न्यस्य सदात्मानं मुच्यते न च संशयः || 
yasyaitad viditaM sarvaM nyAsayogaM vasundhare |
yoge nyasya sadAtmAnaM muchyate na cha saMshayaH || 

Translation: "But prapanna to whom Nyasa-Yoga (dedicating everything to Me) is known, gets Moksha, no doubt".

The entire excerpt in Sanskrit:

"Shree Varaha-Purana" (Sanskrit, with Adhyayas numbers embedded into bookmarks for easy search)


English annotation by Vishnudut1926: This Sanskrit edition is great, but the numeration of Adhyayas is rather tricky. 

I have embedded numbers of Adhyayas right into Bookmarks (can be seen via "CTRL+B" in most pdf-viewers), so everybody can find the necessary Adhyaya in a second. 

I am using this Sanskrit scan in conjunction with English translation of "Shree Varaha-Purana" by Motilal Banasirdass (this one). 

Please note, that some discrepancies are possible (for example, Verse 53 in Sanskrit edition maybe Verse 56 in English edition and etc.), but both Sanskrit and English scans are quite similar, so both scans are fit to be studied in conjunction. 

If by means of Absolute Surrender one can attain The Grace of God, what is the need of performing the Dharmas?

Interesting article from "Kalyana-Kalpataru" dwelling on the problem "Leave or not to leave Dharma for the sake of Krishna as told in "Shree Bhagavad-Gita", 18.66?". 

Shree Ramanuja MahAcharya left instructions about "not to leave" and about Sattvika-Tyaga, while other acharyas (Shankaracharya, MadhuSudana Saraswati, Shridhara Swami) wrote about "leaving Dharma". 

This article dwells on this contradiction, the conclusion that both angles are valid, but Shree Ramanuja MahAcharya instructions are much safer and reasonable to follow. 


In Gita XVIII.66 Shree Krishna says: “Give up all duties and take refuge in Me. I shall

Antaryaga in "Shree Jayakhya-Samhita"...

Cited from 

The Beauty of Shreemati TripuraSundari-Devi...

And that Enchanting Beauty, baffling all description, - the Beauty of TripuraSundari -  who can describe it? 

The Lips dyed red with the tambula, The Long Lashes Of The Eyes stained black with collyrium, the Tilaka of saffron on The Forehead, the string of priceless pearls encircling The Neck, the sparkling garments of gold - such is The Bewitching Beauty of The Daughter of The Lord of Mountains!

Cited from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", October 1951 issue, 
"Adwaita and Bhakti" XX article by S. LakshmiNarasimha Shastri

"Shree Bhargava-Tantra", BhutaShuddhi ke Mahatva and Shree Ashtakshara-Mantra-Khanda...

Rare "Shree Bhargava-Tantra" is being cited in "Vaishnava PanchaRatra Agama Katipaya Paksha" by Dr. Ram Pyare Mishra in connection with BhutaShuddhi Mahatva:

I have added this Tantra in my future purchases list, because it is available on exoticindia (just 20 usd). 

While scrolling via "Table of Contents" I have noticed that "Shree Bhargava-Tantra" has a separate Khanda, devoted to Shree Ashtakshara-Mantra!!!!!!!!!!!

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Disinterestedly Merciful...

Surely it is no fault of God, who is extremely compassionate. 

His Grace is ever flowing in an unending stream; it is so abundant that it transcends all our conception. 

The Lord Himself says:
"Having known Me as The Disinterested Friend of all beings, My devotee attains peace." ("Shree Bhagavad-Gita", 5.29)
God is Disinterestedly Merciful. This is corroborated even by Lord Siva in the RamaCharitaManasa. He says:
"Uma, there is no such Well-Wisher as Shree Rama in this world — neither preceptor, nor father, nor mother, nor brother, nor master."
This human body has been vouchsafed to us by God in His Great Mercy. The RamaCharitaManasa says:
"Rarely does God, Who loves a jiva without any self-interest, graciously bestow on it a human form.”
In this way taking every occurrence as a propitious dispensation of God, we should feel supremely contented and rejoice. 

We should feel His Compassion pervading everywhere and know Him to be Our Supreme Well-Wisher. Who is there so Rich and so Compassionate as He? 

When we take refuge in Him we shall attain supreme tranquillity. 

Cited from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", March 1952 issue
"In life and in death, in happiness and in misery, the Lord is equally present. 

The whole world is full of The Lord. 

Open your eyes and see Him".
Swami Vivekananda

MatRDevo Bhava...

Great Tika to the Verse 2.3 of "Shree Bhagavad-Gita". "MatRDevo Bhava" means "Respect you Mother as God (Deva)". You can also check this explanation on Quora - "What does "pitru devo bhava" means in Sanskrit?"

And the following is the excerpt from Sanskrit-Hindi Edition of "Shree Bhagavad-Gita" by Shree Ramanuja-Sampradaya (LINK TO E-BOOK), as you can see "Shree Padma-Purana" is being cited:

четверг, 27 апреля 2017 г.

Some notes on "Shree Hari-Bhakti-Vilasa" - part 001 (Bilva, Agnidagdha, 12 Names of Shreemati Ganga-Devi and Water Lord Narayana)...


Весна-2017 (Кришныч на 2 недели в интимном полумраке, новые звуковые игрушки и Хинди-сет классических Гаудия-Грантх!!!)...

Synopsis in English: telling about my life in spring 2017 - coquettish spring flirting with My Precious Husband Bhagavan Shree Krishna, season of rains in Moscow  and new music gadgets (Creative Omni Surround 5.1, Fiio A1, Orion Studio from Synapse and etc.)

Начались мегасчастливые дни, девчонки! В Москве идут очень романтичные дожди, я сегодня


"Ananda-Purita" is very interesting expression, translating in English something like "filled with Ananda or overjoyed by Ananda". I have found this expression in Hindi-Sanskrit edition of "Shree Govinda-Lilamritam", Verse 22.1. 

This Verse says how Radhika and Krishna go to sleep on the flower bed after being overjoyed ("ananda-purita") by various viharas (pastimes) such as lasya (dance), gayana (singing) and etc. 

Shreemati Vrinda-Devi and Her Sakhis serve to Radhika and Krishna both during viharas and sleep:

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2 new tracks on soundcloud...

Written today in about 40 minutes both, while playing with my favourite red metallic Washburn superstrat. 

Track 01. "Sunflower from Goloka" - short indietronic piece - https://soundcloud.com/vishnudut1926/goloka-sunflowerexplanation-in-description-as-usually

Track 02. Small ambient piece in Cocteau Twins style, with epic guitar layers - https://soundcloud.com/vishnudut1926/evening-20170427-cocteau-twins-like-ambient-piece-explanation-in-description

Сидим с Кришнёнышем под вечер, крутим ручки гитар и FX-бордов, девчонки. Результат - 2 новых трека за 40 минут, ссылки - выше. 

Тот трек, который под Cocteau Twins - он проходной, просто гитарный эксперимент. 

А "Sunflower from Goloka" возник из простого перебирания аккордов на моем любимом красном Washburn. Затем я под эти аккорды быстро набила ритм (one-shots были взяты из довольно-таки неплохой, но не шедевральной сэмплерной сборки "SM90 - Jazztronica"). 

А вот синтовый патч мне очень понравился - это очень странный патч "052 Key - Shy Spiryt" из синта Rob Papen Blue-2, идеален для индитроники!

1000th Birth Anniversary of Sri Ramanujacharya...


Special site dedicated to the event - http://sriramanuja1000.org/

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From pink to incarnadine...



"Again, the roseate tenderness of the palms of Shri Krishna Child hands, tender as the fresh blown lotus, evokes a superb poetic conceit in Madhusudana, of yore, when Prahlada was tormented by his unnatural parent, moved by solicitude for His long suffering bhakta, He assumed the terrific Form of Nrsimha and lacerated with His fingers the stubborn bosom of the benighted Hiranyakasipu.

And the gore that spouted forth from his bosom did His hands incarnadine. 

And this red of His palm was doubly rendered so, when with His tender palms He (Krishna) caressed, in love, the bosoms of the Gopis dyed with saffron! 

And, wonder! The dye has come to stay forever in Krishna's Hands!"

Cited from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", November 1951 issue, 
"Adwaita and Bhakti" XXI article by S. LakshmiNarasimha Shastri


Interesting translation of "Shree Mundaka-Upanishad" (Mantra 2.2.8) with the accent on prarabdha-karma:

Cited from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", November 1951 issue

About MadhuSudana Saraswati...

Cited from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", November 1951 issue, 
"Adwaita and Bhakti" XXI article by S. LakshmiNarasimha Shastri

Forgetfulness of Lord Vishnu alone is adversity...

Cited from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", November 1951 issue

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Simplicity of Bhakti...

"Too much of rational explanation is the bane of modern civilization. We must begin with a child like simplicity and have implicit faith in God. 

If I exist God exists. 

Once we have faith in the existence of God, then arises the necessity of prayer. 

There are only two aids to those who are faultering in their steps in the path of God-realization - one is constant endeavour and the other is prayer. 

To one with a prayerful attitude there is no idleness. 

When we are not actively engaged in a work you can seek union with The Divine in prayer. It purifies and strengthens us. 

Heart-felt prayer steadies one’s nerves, humbles one and clearly shows one the next step". 

Cited from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", December 1951 issue, 
from the article "Efficacy of Prayer" by S.B.Keshaviah

The main problem of Rajasika-Bhakti...


"There is a great difference between Rajasa Bhakti and Sattvika Bhakti even at the time of performing the act of worship. 

In Rajasa Bhakti, there will be restlessness and haste and no peace of mind. The Shastras may say that going round the sacred Aswattha tree in the prescribed manner will help barren women bear children, but will it be proper for a woman to feel her abdomen after going round the tree once, to see if she has become pregnant ? 

The result will appear only in course of time. There is no use in our trying to hasten it. 

Those who are engaged in Rajasa Bhakti will want their expected fruits immediately and will forget that their worship has to be done carefully and without mental unrest. 

By not getting the fruits immediately, they will often lapse into lack of faith. They will not have the patience to perform the activities with the care and exactness required of them by the Sastras. 

If any Mantras are taught to them, they will not repeat them with any one-pointedness of mind. 
They will however begin to say “I have been repeating the Mantra for the last eight days and yet I have not got the promised result.” 
Their mind will be straying away while they are mechanically repeating the Mantra. How can any result ensue? 

They will, however, throw the blame on the Mantra and say that it is a useless one. The Shastras say that that Japa which is done by one whose mind is not focussed is useless: vyagrachittena yajjaptam tajjapam nishkalam bhavet

If those who resort to Rajasa Bhakti consider well this fact, they can easily realize that the fault is really theirs and not of the Sastras".

Cited from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", December 1951 issue, 
from the article "Devotion" by R. KrishnaSwami Aiyar

Shri Eknatha about mind purity...

"The sine qua non of spiritual life is purity, internal as well as external. The mind becomes impure by contact with evil desires. 

So long as it is not purified, all talk of spiritual life is useless. 

As gold purified in a crucible shines bright, so the constant meditation on the teachings of the Guru makes the mind pure, and bright with spiritual lustre. 

Thus if inside the mind is purified by the words of the Guru, that purity is sure to reveal itself through external activities. 

Mere bodily purity, without the purity of the heart, is absolutely useless. It would be a mere farce, like bathing a donkey. It is an empty show. 

It would be as ludicrous as a beautiful lady wearing on her head a garland of pearls, but all the while standing naked. What is absolutely necessary, therefore, is an internal purity of the heart coupled with the external purity of good actions". 
(Shri Ekanatha)
cited from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", January 1952 issue

Shree Gayatri-Mantra and Nine Concepts of God...



"The Gayatri Hymn is an attempt,—and a very successful one, too,—to catch within the web of language the direct experience of Ineffable Reality. It is regarded as the fountain-head of all the other hymns. 

It is an embryonic mantra, for in it the first and freshest inspirations have been caught. It is the nucleus of the Vedas; it is the keystone of the magnificent Vedic arch. 

There are nine concepts for God in it and they are supposed to be as covering as the nine figures in the theory of numeration. 

Originally they seem to have been percepts, each one denoting a whole situation beyond the power and compass of language to describe; for on psychological examination some of them appear to be rhapsodical and frantic cries of the soul, pure exclamations of wonder and amazement at the direct experience of the Sublime,— highly dynamic Reality. So ecstatic monosyllables are they.

The nine divine concepts are:

1. OM (with the vowel sound sufficiently lengthened) meaning: at once All-pervading, Immanent and Omnipresent Protector of all.

2. BHUH: Being-in-itself; Sole

The mode of Prakriti...

Interesting translation of the Verse 4.13 from "Shree Bhagavad-Gita", with the accent on "mode of Prakriti". Had been found in "Kalyana-Kalpataru", December 1951 issue:

OM VishuPad MadhvAcharya - 9 Prameyas...

The following is the article with the synopsis of 9 Prameyas by OM VishnuPad MadhvAcharya (had been published in "Kalyana-Kalpataru", January 1952 issue)

These Prameays are very beneficial to know, because they form a crucial part of Vaishnava-Siddhanta. For example, Prameya #7, which tells that only Pure Bhakti leads to Mukti. 

Due to 2-column format and small Sanskrit font the article is very tricky to OCR, so below the article in png-format:

A Prayer to Sita...

Hidden Krishna...

Cite from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", 7th, July 1936

пятница, 21 апреля 2017 г.

"Shree Radha-Rasa-Sudha-Nidhi", Verses 8-11

Verse 8: "When will I become a sweeper in the forest courtyard where, surrounded by many maidservants, the peacock-feather-crowned Supreme Personality of Godhead speaks His appeal to The Nectar Ocean that is Shri Radha?

Verse 9: "O my heart, please turn from great things of this world and run to Vrindavana, where The Great Treasure, The Nectar Flood that delivers the devotees from this world, is Shri Radha's Name".

Verse 10: "O Shri Radha, O Great Treasure Of Bliss, when, as The Best Of Lovers (Shri Krishna) falls at Your Feet and begs for the nectar festival of a single embrace, will I see You knit Your eyebrows and hear You say "No. No."

Verse 11: "May Shri Radha, Who is The Personified Nectar Ocean Of Perfect Spiritual Love, and The Splendor Of Whose Candrakanta-Jewel Toenails glistens amongst the Gopis, be Merciful to me".
Sanskrit Verses cited from 
English Verses cited from 

Мы все Микки-Маусы...

Я только что поняла настроение Кришнёныша в общении с Гопиками, девчонки. Знаете, когда это произошло? 

Когда я обсуждала с Крихой игру с Микки-Маусом, которую я прошла день назад на эмуляторе GBA. 

В общем, мы сейчас с Кри планируем день и я Кри говорю: "Давай еще какого-нибудь Микки-Мауса пройдем, потому что одного было мало. Мне нужно много Микки-Маусов. Это не так, что у тебя есть один картридж с игрой и тебе его достаточно. Микки-Маусов всегда нужно очень много". 

И тут меня просто озарило. Каждая Гопика словно картридж с игрой, девчонки, но одного картриджа Кришне всегда мало, поэтому Кришнёныш никогда не может насытиться какой-нибудь одной Гопикой и скачет от одной Девчонки к другой! 

Хотя, учитывая то, что мы все - просто амши (куклы-копии) Шримати Радхушёныша-Деви, на самом деле, Кри любит только Одну Гопику, т.е. Радхушёныша!

четверг, 20 апреля 2017 г.

"Shree Radha-Rasa-Sudha-Nidhi", Verses 5-7

Verse 5: "I meditate on The Dust of Shri Radha's Feet, dust that becomes a kamadhenu cow to give the nectar of rasa as the devotees celebrate a festival of spiritual love. 

Placing this Dust on their heads, the beautiful Gopis attain something even peacock-feather-crowned Krishna yearns to attain".

Verse 6: "Glory to The Forest-Goddess. When, wounded by millions of Kamadeva's arrows, Nanda's Son fell, She brought Him to life by splashing Him with many waves of the blissful nectar of Her Touch".

Text 7: "When will the sweet and graceful nectar ocean that is Radha's Face, an ocean filled at every moment with waves sweetness, charm, beauty, and wonderfully beautiful pastimes, appear before us?"

Sanskrit Verses cited from 
English Verses cited from 

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About how OM VishnuPad Vedanta Deshika MahAcharya received title "Lion among poets and logicians" (KaviTarkikaSimha):



Cited from 
English-Sanskrit translated by by A.K. Kalia, edition Akhila Bharatiya Sanskrit Parishad, 1982

"ACHARYA-PANCHASAT OF VENKATADHVARIN", English-Sanskrit translated by by A.K. Kalia, edition Akhila Bharatiya Sanskrit Parishad, 1982

UPDATE from 07-June-2019: enhanced scan had been added (optimized size + OCR-txt-layer in English)

DOWNLOAD (Sanskrit-English, 1MB, OCR-layer):

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: Great Kavya-Grantha dedicated to OM VishnuPad Vedanta Desika MahAcharya. 

The first part is Sanskrit, the 2nd one is English translation and the part no. 03 includes notes with some references to the Biography of  OM VishnuPad Vedanta Desika MahAcharya. 

I have cited this Grantha in my blog, please see, for example this post - http://vishnudut1926.blogspot.com/2017/04/kavitarkikasimha.html

T H I S   S C A N   B E L O N G S   T O   T H E   F A M I L Y   O F   M Y   C O M P A C T  
 V A I S H N A V A   E - L I B R A R I E S ,   T H E Y   C A N   B E   F O U N D   O N :  
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Vedanta Desika, Vairagya and Vidyaranya...

The story behind "Shree Vairagya-Panchakam" by OM VishnuPad Vedanta Deshika MahAcharya:

Cited from 
English-Sanskrit translated by by A.K. Kalia, edition Akhila Bharatiya Sanskrit Parishad, 1982