понедельник, 11 мая 2015 г.

"VenkaTEsha ninnu" by OM VishnuPad Tyagaraja

Very Beautiful Song with dazzling poetic images. The final part of the Song is very beautiful, I mean line "Whose Feet Shine with Incomparable Brilliance". 

English translation from "The Spiritual Heritage of Tyagaraja" by C. Ramanujachari:

Oh Venkatesha Who has taken abode on Seshachala and in the hearts of yogis! 

One should have myriad eyes to see you in Glory with such a Beautiful Rupam. 

You are praised on all sides that You are The Highest of the deities,

Your mere darshana will surely secure salvation for those who pine with devotion for You. 

As probably the result of some meritorious deed of mine, I have tasted the nectar of Thy Sweet Name and have thus secured a stepping stone to reach You, Whose Feet Shine with Incomparable Brilliance.

B.K.S. Iyengar "Yoga. The Path to Holistic Health"

I am leafing over B.K.S. Iyengar "Yoga. The Path to Holistic Health" during my meals. In my opinion this is the best and the most reasonable Yoga compendium ever written. 

The design of the Book is visually dazzling. Moreover, The Ishta-Devas of B.K.S. Iyengar (Shreemati MahaLakshmi-Devi and Bhagavan Shree VenkatEshwara) are mentioned: 

I can't upload the Book in my blog due to copyright (the policy of my blog is to upload old Books with no copyright troubles), but the Book is definitely worth of being in any Vaishnava-Library, especially if you are fond of Hatha-Yoga. 

Warrior Asana

Never thought that Warrior Asana (Virabhadrasana) is dangerous for people with cardiac ailments, for me is one of the easiest Asanas, but:

B.K.S. Iyengar about Tadasana

My favourite Asana is Vriksasana, but Tadasana is one of the Mula Asanas:

Королевские шампиньоны

Нет, этот гриб не причёсывали перед съёмкой, он уже приехал причёсанным из супермаркета

Утро начала с грибного супа. В нашем супермаркете сегодня продавали коричневые шампиньоны, я купила последнюю пачку. Стоят они безумно дешево - корзинка 150 руб. 

У них очень красивая коричневая текстура из серии "какао-лесной орех". Если бы я сейчас много рисовала в Фотошопе, то я бы обязательно заархивировала эти текстурки. 

Завтра с Кришнёнышем пойдем за вешенками...