четверг, 19 сентября 2013 г.

"Venkatesha Mahatmyam" (Sanskrit-English)

"Venkatesha-Mahatmya" is truly incredible book. 

My favourite Chapters from "Venkatesha-Mahatmyam":

1) The Chapter, which tells about the Love of Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi to Bhagavan Shree Vishnu and the description of the Various Rupas, Which Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi assumes in order to serve to Her Beloved Husband Bhagavan Shree Vishnu (for example, Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi can assume the Forms of Amorous Gardens and Flowers in order to make Her Leelas with Bhagavan Shree Narayana more incredible and amazing).

2) The Chapter about the Lotus Foot of Bhagavan Shree Vishnu. 

The compiled PDF-file has been made by me, because initially there were 18 separate PDF-files, which you can find here - http://www.sistla.org/Srihari-Lyrics/Tirumala%20mAhAtmyaM.htm

Please don't hesitate to download the compiled file from my folders, because "Venkatesha-Mahatmyam" is outstanding masterpiece!!!


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