пятница, 21 августа 2015 г.

Mixed karma

If you study Jyotish you will often observe 2 kinds of natal charts: 

1. Chart showing good karma in the 1st half of life and destructive decline in the 2nd 

2. Vice versa

"Shree Skanda-Purana" explains why such twists happen (due to mixed karma). 

25 Angas of Ekadashi

As I have written in my annotation to "Shree Skanda-Purana" (link), The Stories about Shreemati MahaLakshmi-Devi and Bhagavan Shree Vishnu can be found even in non-Vaishnava Khandas of The Purana. 

For example, MahEshvara Khanda definitely belongs to Shaiva Siddhanta, but there is a story about Bhagavan Shree Narayana and Ekadashi out of blue in Chapter 42 of MahEshvara Khanda. 

The Chapter is unique by itself, because it dwells simultaneously on:

1. Ekadashi Siddhanta

2. Mantra Siddhanta

3. Maya Siddhanta

4. Deha Dhyasa and Avidya Siddhanta

जागर (jAgara) means "to be awake" in Sanskrit, but when the Ekadashi implied "Jagara" means Jagara-Rite"being vigil all night long during Ekadashi"

The distinctive part of "Shree Skanda-Purana" is the emphasis on 25 Angas of Ekadashi, very interesting notion. 

Then another prominent feature of this Chapter of "Shree Skanda-Purana" is the mentioning of 2 Orthodox Mantras of Shree MahaLakshmi Sampradaya  (also know as Shree Sampradaya or Shree Ramanuja Sampradaya). 

The Chapter is very extensive, so please refer to all pages in the form of images on box, dropbox, minus, they can be viewed as a gallery.