воскресенье, 9 марта 2014 г.

Spring 2014

The spring in already in Moscow with +9 Celcius degrees and very sunny weather.

On the photo: 

1) Jardin Guatemala coffee which turned out to be very good (yes, instant coffee loathers will vomit off here, but I don't want to grind coffee this spring and I have accustomed to American instant blends since childhood). 

2) Yellow melon. They are extremely cheap now. The one on photo had been priced at around 4 USD. 

3) Nokia Asha 501 with Mantras and Sahasranams, devoted to Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi and Shreemati Durga-Devi. 

And my Bhakti devoted to Shreemati Durga-Devi is so supremely aggrandazied, that I can't breathe without "Shree Durga Sahasranam". 

Today I have been wandering in my district with "Shree Durga Sahasranam" sounding in my player and it was the happiest day in my life. 

What more? I am all in Paco Rabanne "Ultraviolet" aroma these days and this aroma always reminds me of Krishna (that's why I wear this perfume). 

Jardin Guatemala coffee also reminds me of Krishna, because I find it extra masculine! 

Yes, Krishna smells like this: coffee, deluxe perfume and...hahahaha...

Actually, Krishna smells much, much better...And all I want is to be His very submissive female slave...

But in reality, Krishna never accept a girl as a slave. He usually makes all His young wives, because He never abandons His Tender and Caring Attitude...If a girl says something about slavery to Krishna, He will just say: "What's happened? Are you in a bad mood today? Let's go to the bedroom and I will be your slave instead!". 

Krishna is always like that. Once He accepts a girl in His Harem, He will do the best and much more in order to foster and caress her as the most precious girl in the world. 

Though we all know, that for Krishna Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi (Shreemati Rukmini-Devi, Shreemati Radharani-Devi, Shreemati Durga-Devi and All Elder Shakti-Devis) is the Most Precious Girl in the world. 

But it is impossible to be a dasi of Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi too, because once you talk to Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi, Lakshmika will perceive you only as the best girlfriend and She will always joke with you, bring you to journeys to Other Lokas and etc. 

Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi is always surrounded by the milliard of female dasis, but Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi never perceives anyone as a dasi, because in truth all female dasis of Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi are Her best girlfriends, that is sakhis...