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Sita Piratti and NammAlwar: eleven similar traits...


"The second type is to use the words of the 2 languages so closely that it is not possible for an ordinary reader to find out which are Sanskrit and which are Tamil. 

At times even words of mono syllables are severed from their context and used with words of other language. A typical example for that is given here. Example:

The meaning of the surnai: Metaphorically Nammalvar is said to be Sita, The Wife of Rama, or The Consort of Lord Vishnu on the basis of the following 11 similarities they possess in their qualities and actions. 

The main aspect is their inseparability from the Lord. A poet in using metaphor reveals his integral or universal vision where he sees similarities amongst things which appear to the ordinary vision as unconnected or even contradictory. 

Our author with such a vision reveals similarities between different kinds of souls or characters coming in philosophy and itihasas. 

To reveal this fundamental similarity, he uses the words of Nammalvar and also the words found in itihasas coming to describe the characters compared:

1. Sita so to say ceases to exist when separated from Rama. So does Alvar. ["Ramayana", Ayodhya-Khanda, 53-31 and "Tiruvoimozhi", 1-7-6]

2. Rama intimately moved with Sita and blessed Her. Alvar also speaks about the Lord coming into himself and identifying with him. ["Tiruvoimozhi", 2-7-9 and 2-6-10]

3. Sita was imprisoned in Lanka so that Rama came in search of Her and Alvar also speaks of his imprisonment. ["Tiruvoimozhi", 1-4-1]

4. Sita advised Ravana to be friendly with Rama. Alvar also advised people turned away from the Lord, to love and rely on the Supreme Being if they wanted to cross the ocean of births and deaths. ["Ramayana", Sundara-Khanda, 21-20 and "Tiruvoimozhi", 2-8-1]

5. Both of them - Sita and Nammalvar - speak with contempt about their life in this world when separated from their Lord. ["Ramayana", Sundara-Khanda, 26-25 and "Tiruvoimozhi", 4-8-1]
6. Both of them tried to put an end to their lives when they did not get His Blessing or when they were not favoured with the presence of their Lord. ["Ramayana", Sundara-Khanda, 28-16 and "Tiruvoimozhi", 5-4-3]

7. They were aware of the heroism or valour of their Lord and on occasions when they had to address Him, they lamented they could not but praise His heroic deeds. ["Tiruvoimozhi", 10-5]

8. When they suffered the pangs of separation they doubted the Mercy of their Lord. ["Ramayana", Sundara-Khanda, 26-13 and "Tiruvoimozhi", 2-4-3 and "Tiruviruttam", 36]

9. They sent messengers reminding their Lord that they preserve their lives only in the hope that they would certainly get His Grace or Mercy. ["Ramayana", Sundara-Khanda, 39-10 and "Tiruvoimozhi", 6-1-10]

10. Sita Devi speaks about the relationship between Herself and the Lord as that between Sun and its rays. Alvar also speaks of his joining the Lord who is a magnet light that could not allow Alvar to go away from Him. ["Ramayana", Sundara-Khanda, 21-15 and "Tiruvoimozhi", 2-3-6]

11.  Both of them speak of their impossibility of remaining separate from Lord Shree Narayana.  ["Tiruvoimozhi", 6-9-10]
Thus it is evident that Alvar has complete similarity with Sita Piratti who is The Queen of Rama, The Avatar of the Supreme Being (MahaVishnu).
Cited from 
by Dr. G. Damodaran [Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams] ~1976~
pages 17-18
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"ACARYA HRDAYAM - A CRITICAL STUDY" #by Dr. G. Damodaran# [Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams] ~1976~

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English annotation by Vishnudut1926: This is not original "Acharya Hridayam", but rather a set of various articles. Anyway, the Grantha is excellent. 
The Chapter V ("Bridal Mysticism of Alvar and its philosophical interpretation") is truly unique - it contains amazing and rare explanations of jiva in the context of Bhagavan Shree Vishnu-Madhurya - very much recommended in case you are fond of Shringara-Rasa researches!!!
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