четверг, 19 ноября 2015 г.

Divya-Prasada and The Symbology of Alwars

Excerpt from "Sathakopa's Conception of Bhakti" 
by Dr K.C. Aravinda RajaGopal

The AcharyaHridayakara explains certain points regarding the psychology of Bhakti in Sathakopa. 

Firstly, the Alwar lays great emphasis on the point that mind abandons the individual and clings to God from the first moment of the dawn of Divine Grace. 

This is the Divine sankalpa whose dawn is heralded by the stirrings of the heart towards God-devotion. 

Secondly, Bhakti has 3 prajna-avasthas. Prajna means

Sundara Purusha

I liked very much the following excerpt from "Sathakopa's Conception of Bhakti" by Dr K.C. Aravinda RajaGopal. 

Dr K.C. Aravinda RajaGopal writes about Alwars and Their Bhakti Rasas. 

Shreemati Andal-Devi revealed to us not only Shringara-Bhakti, but