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Sri Raamanuja And Oupanishada-Parama Purushan - Part 01

Brilliant Article found by me in "Shree RangaNatha Mahimai" in SADAGOPAN.ORG edition. 

I have split in 2 parts: part 01 - preambule, dwelling on Upanishadic Karikas and Pramanas of OM VishnuPad Ramanuja Maha Acharya; part 02 - dwells on our very much adored "Shree MahaNarayana-Upanishada". 

Sri Raamanuja And Oupanishada-Parama Purushan 

by Sri Nrusimha Seva Rasikan, 
Oppiliappan Koil Sri.VaradAchAri SaThakOpan

AchArya RaamAnujA recognized Sriman naarAyaNaa as

Shreemati BakulaMalika-Devi - The Avatara of Shreemati Yashoda-Devi

This is one of the most exciting moments in "Shree VenkataChala-Mahatmya" - Bhagavan Shree Shreenivasa tells to Shreemati BakulaMalika-Devi why He had fallen in mad love with

Dhyana and upaya against losses and defeats

The UpaSamhara (उपसंहार means "epilogue") of "Shreemad-Bhagavatam"'s 63th Chapter (Song X) is very interesting, because it tells that a bhakta meditating on the Battle between Bhagavan Shree Krishna and Shankara will never encounter defeats and losses, to be more accurate, never meet पराजय (parAjaya), which can mean either defeat (in fights) or failure in more extended sense (at business, public speaking and etc)

य एवं कृष्णविजयं शङ्करेण च संयुगम्
संस्मरेत्प्रातरुत्थाय न तस्य स्यात्पराजयः

ya evaM kR^iShNavijayaM sha~NkareNa cha saMyugam
saMsmaretprAtarutthAya na tasya syAtparAjayaH

Translation: "He who rising early at dawn, recalls and contemplates on the story of combat between Bhagavan Shree Krishna and god Shankara and Lord Krishna subsequent final triumph, will never meet any defeat in life". 

On The Image: OM VishnuPad Nimbarka Maha Acharya, Who is considered to be The Manifestation of Shree Sudarshana-Chakra - http://guruvesaranam.com/nimbarkacharya.html 

Kali-Yuga Pramanas from "Shree Krishna-Nama-Mahatmya"

15.45. Why should there be any fear of the serpent of Kali that has very sharp fangs? He will perish on being burned by the fire issuing forth from the wood of the Name of KRISHNA (कृष्ण).

15.55. There shall be no ailment or sin in the mind of that man who never forsakes the wholesome and beneficial Name "KRISHNA, KRISHNA" in Kali Age. 

15.63. If, in Kali Age, the tongue does not glorify the good qualities of SHREEKRISHNA (श्रीकृष्ण), let it not exist in the mouth. Let that unchaste one go to the nether worlds.

Full Text of Shree Krishna-Nama-Mahatmya 
from "Shree Skanda-Purana" -

Shreemati Padmavati-Devi and Shree Sita-Rama Leela


Bhagavan Shree Shreenivasa said: 

18. Formerly, in the auspicious Treta Yuga, I killed Ravana. At that time the girl Vedavati rendered assistance to Shree (Shreemati Sita-Devi). 

19-20. Lakshmi appeared from the land of Janaka in the form of

Sri Raamanuja And Oupanishada-Parama Purushan - Part 02

 Part 01 had been publlished herehttp://vishnudut1926.blogspot.com/2015/10/sri-raamanuja-and-oupanishada-parama.html

Sri Raamanuja And Oupanishada-Parama Purushan


by Sri Nrusimha Seva Rasikan, 
Oppiliappan Koil Sri.VaradAchAri SaThakOpan

I will conclude with select manthrams of MahA nArAyaNOPanishad. 

This Upanishad has moving revelatory passages on the identity of

Fate better than death: Optimistic Afterlife Shlokas from "Shree Krishna-Nama-Mahatmya"

15.56. On hearing a man repeatedly uttering "SHREEKRISHNA (श्रीकृष्ण)" the Lord of the Southern Quarter (Yama) wipes off his sin acquired in the course of hundreds of births. 

15.38. When death is imminent, if people repeat

Bhagavan Shree Krishna about उच्छिष्ट and अवशिष्ट food

Bhagavan Shree Krishna said:
15.25. My उच्छिष्ट (uchChiShTa - remnants after taking food) should be eaten by those who are devoted to Me. O son, it is sanctifying. It bestows Mukti even on sinners. 

15.26. If anyone eats the leavings of My

Svasti Mantram - Let us Perform Prapatti to Bhagavan Shree VenkatEshwara

And Shreemati Padmavati-Devi, of course! Back to "Shree RangaNatha Mahimai" in SADAGOPAN.ORG edition. 
For those, who don't know Sanskrit - स्वस्ति (svasti) means

Советы деревенским: как правильно поесть и не ударить жопой в грязь перед Кришной

Да, девчонки, решила перевести небольшой отрывок из "Шри Сканда-Пураны" про Прасад.

Это очень серьёзный пост, но чтобы нам, молодым и смешливым женам Кришнёнка не было скучно, я написала дурашливое вступление (выделено розовым). После дурашливой части начинается очень серьёзная Сиддханта, в которой

Shree Krishna-Nama-Mahatmya from "Shree Skanda-Purana"

As I have written in my previous post -  from the certain point of "Shree Skanda-Purana" the Siddhanta of Shree Gaudiya-Sampradaya starts to unravel. 

For those who are unfamiliar with The Siddhanta of Shree Gaudiya-Sampradaya I will remind Their Main Tenets:
1. The Superiority of Shree Krishna Name. 

The Recital of The Name of Bhagavan Shree Krishna and Shree Krishna-Nama-Sankirtana is considered to be the main Sadhana for Kali-Yuga. 

So, the great emphasis is laid upon mass singing of

Not only one Ashtakshara Mantra we should know!

Yes, you can know "Shree Bhashya" by heart and rare Shakti Tantras, forgetting simple, but very dear things to you.

Reading "Shree Skanda-Purana", I have stumbled upon

Сыры, пальмовое масло, молочная фэйк-истерия 2015

Synopsis in English: This year is a year of mass milk products hysteria in Moscow, because it turned out suddenly that most of the milk products in Moscow supermarkets are fakes made from vegetable fats and palm-oil. So I am writing about the list of reliable products, to which we can trust for being genunine and non-faked ones. 

Да, девчонки, у нас здесь в Москве истерия по поводу того, что на прилавках очень много поддельной молочной продукции (в том смысле, что их делают из пальмового масла и растительных жиров, т.е. продают различные вариации маргарина под видом молочных продуктов).  

Только что доела пачку масла Viola (покупала самое дорогое), но