пятница, 28 апреля 2017 г.

Disinterestedly Merciful...

Surely it is no fault of God, who is extremely compassionate. 

His Grace is ever flowing in an unending stream; it is so abundant that it transcends all our conception. 

The Lord Himself says:
"Having known Me as The Disinterested Friend of all beings, My devotee attains peace." ("Shree Bhagavad-Gita", 5.29)
God is Disinterestedly Merciful. This is corroborated even by Lord Siva in the RamaCharitaManasa. He says:
"Uma, there is no such Well-Wisher as Shree Rama in this world — neither preceptor, nor father, nor mother, nor brother, nor master."
This human body has been vouchsafed to us by God in His Great Mercy. The RamaCharitaManasa says:
"Rarely does God, Who loves a jiva without any self-interest, graciously bestow on it a human form.”
In this way taking every occurrence as a propitious dispensation of God, we should feel supremely contented and rejoice. 

We should feel His Compassion pervading everywhere and know Him to be Our Supreme Well-Wisher. Who is there so Rich and so Compassionate as He? 

When we take refuge in Him we shall attain supreme tranquillity. 

Cited from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", March 1952 issue
"In life and in death, in happiness and in misery, the Lord is equally present. 

The whole world is full of The Lord. 

Open your eyes and see Him".
Swami Vivekananda

MatRDevo Bhava...

Great Tika to the Verse 2.3 of "Shree Bhagavad-Gita". "MatRDevo Bhava" means "Respect you Mother as God (Deva)". You can also check this explanation on Quora - "What does "pitru devo bhava" means in Sanskrit?"

And the following is the excerpt from Sanskrit-Hindi Edition of "Shree Bhagavad-Gita" by Shree Ramanuja-Sampradaya (LINK TO E-BOOK), as you can see "Shree Padma-Purana" is being cited: