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Shree Ramanuja MahAcharya: Mantras and removing the poison of sansara...

Vedanta Desika in "Yatiraja Saptati" (Verse 23) also adopts the same metaphor. The tenor of his observation is like this.

A snake charmer who has successfully mastered the Garuda Mantra  saves the life of a person in whose body poison is spreading due to snake bite by reciting the Mantra and contemplating on the king of birds, thus ridding him of the poison.

Shri Bhashyakara is like a snake charmer. He has successfully mastered various Mantras like Ashtakshara, Dvaya etc., having received their teaching from his Acharyas.

He shines as the king of sannyasis.

The bondage of samsara inflicts harm on sentient beings like a serpent, because of which the poison of desire for worldly pleasures spreads within us in various ways. 

Ramanuja meditates on the Great Lord Whose Banner is The Garuda and successfully prays at His Feet for the removal of the poison from us, thus saving our lives. 

Vaishnava Mantra of Krishna...

I loved this cite and made a picture, the cite from Saptagiri Magazine too:

"He who has been severely bitten by the serpent of samsara and consequently rendered actionless, will attain Moksha once he hears Vaishnava-Mantra of Krishna which is an unparallelled medicine for his condition"

Bhagavan Shree RangaNatha...

Amazing Image of Bhagavan Shree RangaNatha, once I saw, I started dreaming about vectorized version, so:

I have made The Image vectorized in blue shades via "Trace Bitmap" in Inkscape and "Colorize" in Gimp.

"Shree Stuti" by OM VishnuPad Vedanta Desika MahAcharya - Verse 03

This is one of my favourite Verses in "Shree Stuti", please pay attention to the explanation of "Mother-and-son-Siddhanta" in the Tika of Shree M.K. Shreenivasan. 

स्तोतव्यत्वं दिशति भवती देहिभिः स्तूयमाना
तामेव त्वामनितरगतिः स्तोतुमाशंसमानः ।
सिद्धारम्भः सकलभुवनश्लाघनीयो भवेयं
सेवापेक्षा तव चरणयोः श्रेयसे कस्य न स्यात् ॥ ३॥

Translation: "Bereft of any other Saviour, I seek to praise You;
Who is there unblessed by Your Grace, most sweet,
Which turns none away who waits at Your Feet?
Prestige You confer, I am secure in my view,
on men who extol You; so will I be lauded
And success will be mine, my wishes sure to be granted"

Notes by Shree M.K. Shreenivasan: "Shri Desika has regained confidence as is seen from this verse, though he remembers he has none to protect him and has sought to praise Shreemati MahaLakshmi-Devi.

For, uttering words of praise is

"Shree Stuti" by OM VishnuPad Vedanta Desika MahAcharya - Verse 02

आविर्भावः कलशजलधावध्वरे वाऽपि यस्याः
स्थानं यस्याः सरसिजवनं विष्णुवक्षःस्थलं वा ।
भूमा यस्या भुवनमखिलं देवि दिव्यं पदं वा
स्तोकप्रज्ञैरनवधिगुणा स्तूयसे सा कथं त्वम् ॥ २॥

Translation: "How dare men, shallow-brained, numskulls all,
Ever sing Your Nature, Qualities and Glory?
Pristine You rose from The Milky Ocean,
Radiant they found You in the sacrificial hall;
Ever living in lotus gardens or on Lord Vishnu's Chest Aglow,
Your Wealth encircles heavens above and worlds below".

Notes by Shree M.K. Shreenivasan: Having begun his composition, Shree Vedanta Desika suddenly hesitates to go further when he remembers how

"Shree Stuti" by OM VishnuPad Vedanta Desika MahAcharya - Verse 01

The following is the OCR (scan) from "Shree Stuti" published in Saptagiri. I liked the translation and translation by Shree M.K. Shreenivasan, so I will devote a