вторник, 15 января 2013 г.

UPDATED 24-Sep-2018: "SHREE VISHNU-PURANA" - Sanskrit-English - enhanced scan - all 6 Volumes in 1 file (optimized for 7"-10" Android tablets)

Update from 24-Sep-2018: old 2013 scans had been replaced with new, enhanced one (the links below are for the enhanced "All 6 Books in 1 pdf-file" scan).

DOWNLOAD (Sanskrit-English, version for mobile screens, OCR layer in English, 34MB):

DOWNLOAD (Sanskrit-English, version for big notebook/laptop screens, OCR layer in English, 25MB):

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: New, enhanced scan. The English translation seems to be of H.H. Wilson, but I can't say for sure, as the pages with translator's name were absent in the original scan. 
As usually I recommend to read not only in English, but in Sanskrit too, because English can't convey the original ideas of Sanskrit text! 
Example of page from the enhanced scan (famous Shloka यथा विष्णुमृतेनान्यत्त्राणां संसारसागरे - yathA viShNumRRitenAnyattrANAM saMsArasAgare - "in the ocean of sansara there is no protection except Bhagavan Shree Vishnu"):

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