четверг, 13 июня 2019 г.

6 New Cloud Libraries/Servers launched (Onedrive, Icedrive, Cozy and etc.)....

Great news, dudes and dudettes as well as vishnuduts and vishnudutteses:) 

Thanks to my new scan optimization script (#info about it) I have managed to compress around 100 Granthas from my E-Library into just 2GB. 

It means, that from now on I can deploy my E-Library to the majority of popular cloud storages such as OneDrive, IceDrive and so on. As you know most of them have storage limits at about 5-10GB and previously it was impossible to deploy my "over 20GB" libraries to any of them. 

Now the problem eliminated and I have created 6 new Cloud Libraries. These Cloud Servers contain all the Granthas I have uploaded in my blog in last 6 years, so they are full-fledged libraries in all their majesty.

All 6 servers mirror each other, so you can visit any link per your choice - I have made 6 servers due to my love to massive backups: 

1. OneDrive Cloud Library - #1DRV-CL
2. YandexDisk Cloud Library  - #YAD-CL
3. CozyCloud Cloud Library  - #COZY-CL
4. JottaCloud Cloud Library  - #JOTTA-CL
5. Mega Cloud Library  - #MEGA-CL
6. IceDrive Cloud Library - #ICEDRV-CL 

A couple of notes about these libraries' structure. 

On the screenshot below (also on #flickr, #plurk) you can notice, that the top has the folder named 0_-_-NFO-README-update-13-jun-2019-_-_0

This folder contains TXT-file with links to updates and etc. As you know, my libraries are ever-growing, I am adding new scans constantly, so this folder allows the visitors to track the updates, amendments and etc., so it's a kind of news ribbon for each of 6 servers.

Don't hesitate to visit, from now on these 6 cloud servers will exist along with my previous catalogue libraries built on wordpress, airborn and etc. (see the list of catalogue libraries #here).  

Vishnudut1926, June 2019, Moscow

"Alvars' Divya Vaibhavam" #by Thiruvayipati Raghavaiah# [Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams - 2004]

DOWNLOAD (English, 8MB, OCR-layer):

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: Excellent edition dwelling on the biographies of 12 Alwars. Green cover above is not edition's native, it had been made by me in GIMP as usually. 

Scan page example 
(see also on #flickr, #plurk):

T H I S   S C A N   B E L O N G S   T O   T H E   F A M I L Y   O F   M Y   C O M P A C T  
 V A I S H N A V A   E - L I B R A R I E S ,   T H E Y   C A N   B E   F O U N D   O N :  
Wordpress (a catalogue with pictures and cloud links to PDF-scans) - #Wordpress
Nimbus (this is just a TXT-version without pictures) - #Nimbus
Airborn (the mirror of Wordpress) - #Airborn
GoogleDocs (the mirror of Wordpress) - #GoogleDocs