суббота, 26 апреля 2014 г.

Chemistry of Love, Chemistry of Love, UUUH, KRISHNA

This is the line from the song "Chemistry of Love" by Evelyn "Champagne" King.

I am going to spend all this day in the park, enjoying very, very, very sunny Moscow weather and the greenery (because all the trees and fields are green now).
The book, I read all the time this spring is "SHREE GUNA RATNA KOSHAM"! (SS038 - Guna ratna kosam - http://sadagopan.org/index.php/categories/doc_download/166-ss038-guna-ratna-kosam)

If you know "SHREE LAKSHMI-TANTRA" by heart, but want more and more Books about your THE MOST PRECIOUS PARA-ISHVARI IN THE WORLD SHREEMATI LAKSHMI-DEVI, then "SHREE GUNA RATNA KOSHAM" is the best choice. 

On the photo above you see:

1. Puma bag (love it, it is huge, it was the Gift of Krishna, as usually)

2. The Book reader with all the http://www.sadagopan.org/ library loaded in it. 

Nevertheless, today I am going to read, learn by heart and to write in the notebook the Verses from "SHREE GUNA RATNA KOSHAM". 

3. Pure water "Icelandic Glacial". 

4. My favourite headphones Phillips (for "Shree Lakshmi Sahasranams" and "Durga Sahasranams")

5. Bicycle (not the photo, hahahaha). 

6. The oinment against moscitos (there are a lot of them in Russian forests)