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Tantric Paddhati of Chaitanya Sampradaya

As for ""Shree Krishna Yamalam MahaTantram" (uploaded by me in this post and mentioned in this post) in Hindi Exordia it is stated that this is The Book of Chaitanya Sampradaya, the kind of Tantric Paddhati of Chaitanya Sampradaya!
Strange, as I know The Granthas of Chaitanya Sampradaya very well, but I never heard of "Shree Krishna Yamalam MahaTantram", though in Chaitanya Sampradya "Shree Vishnu Yamalam Tantra" and "Shree Rudra Yamalam Tantra" are being cited sometimes. 
As for The Tantric Part of Chaitanya Sampradaya, "Shree Brahma-Samhita" and "Shree Hari-Bhakti-Vilasa" are the Primary Granthas. They also have Paddhati, I can't name the Book, as it is the part of their hidden Siddhanta (nothing esoteric and occult here, just the Paddhati with Mantras, Gayatris and Dhyanas, but as All the Tantric Granthas it must be kept hidden from non-deserving people and 99% of "people" in Kali-Yuga are non-deserving, truly speaking). 

So, as for the Tantric Paddhati of Chaitanya Sampradaya, it is well hidden and usually designated only for the best shishyas! I know it partially: a lot of Superb Mantras and Dhyanas, though I never had Ruci for Them. 

The Most crucial part in Gaudiya Tantric Tradition is GOPALA MANTRAS. So don't be deceived by "Hare Krishna Mantra" chanting, Gaudiya Sampradaya is not so simple, they have Tantric Paddhati and much more Advanced Mantras...

It is also stated in Hindi Exordia, that "Shree Krishna Yamalam MahaTantram" is influenced by "Shree Brahma Vaivarta-Purana" and by "Shreemad Devi Bhagavatam" ("Shree Devi Bhagavata Purana"). No wonder here, as Bhagavan Shree Krishna and Shreemati Radharani Devi are The Heroes of Both The Puranas (though in much, much, much lesser extent in "Shree Devi Bhagavata Purana"). 

I have no time for looking through the Hindi Exordia further now and I need to study both Exordia and Sanskrit Text in more accurate manner. 

And after this I will write the synopsis (it will take about 2-3 years, HEHEHEHE!!!!, as I have the very enormous digital warehouse of Bhakti Books in Hindi and English - 32GB SDHC running out of space - and this Tantra is the last in the list, that is not very interesting to me). 

But if someone is initiated in Chaitanya Tradition, he will surely study "Shree Krishna Yamalam MahaTantram"!

Vishnudut1926, Moscow, 22nd of July, 2014

क्लीं ग्लौं क्लीं श्यामलाङ्गाय नमः

And I forgot to explain what so beautiful about The Mantra "क्लीं ग्लौं क्लीं श्यामलाङ्गाय नमः (klIM glauM klIM shyAmalA~NgAya namaH)". 

Very simple word-to-word translation:

Klim - In Vaishnava Tradition this is the Bija-Mantra of Bhagavan Shree Krishna, the Prem-Bija, the Bija of the Divine Love

Glaum - The Bija of Shree Ganesha

Shyamala - the name of colour (kind of black-violet-blue spectre, but MAINLY black)

Anga - The Limbs of The Body

Thence, at the very simple level the translation is: "My bows to Bhagavan Shree Krishna, Who Has The Body and The Limbs of Shyamala Colour". 

This is the very simplified gloss, so let's refer to more serious talk about this Mantra:

Klim - in reality this is not only the Bija of Bhagavan Shree Krishna, but Bija of Shreemati Kali-Devi. 

Don't be afraid of Shreemati Kali-Devi, as She is Scary only for asuras, while all The Bhaktas perceive Her as Very Beautiful Shreemati BhadraKali-Devi.


Because Shreemati Lalita Devi is शान्तिमती (shAntimatI), that is She never appears before Her Dasis in Ghora (Horror) or Fearful Rupas (see the Tika of Bhaskararaya to the NAME NO. 131 in "ललितासहस्रनामावली - lalitAsahasranAmAvalI")

Glaum - Bija of Shree Ganesha, The Only Son of Shreemati Parvati-Devi

SHYAMALA!!!!!!!! - This is the Name of Shreemati Shyamala-Devi, the Most Bosom and Intimate Girl-Friend of Shreemati Lalita-Tripura-Sundari Devi. 

What is the Most Touching and Beautiful Episode in all the Devotional Literature? 

The moment, when Shreemati Lalita-MahaTripura-Sundari Devi gifted Her Ring to Shreemati Shyamala Devi!!!!!!! You can understand the Highest Level of Their Friendship from this Episode. 

So, as you see at the more advanced level this is the Mantra of:

1) Shreemati BhadraKali Devi (Shreemati Lalita MahaTripuraSundari Devi)

2) Shreemati Shyamala-Devi, The Most Intimate Girl-Friend and The Prime Minister of Shreemati Lalita MahaTripuraSundari Devi

3) Shree Ganesha, The Only Son of Shreemati Parvati-Devi

4) And the Mantra of Bhagavan Shree Krishna in the Image of Bhagavan Shyam or Gopala!!!!