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A prayer for the Embrace of The Lord

The Volume 02 of "Shree RangaNatha Mahimai" by SADAGOPAN.ORG is brilliant, as it contains cites from Vedas for Bhaktas of Bhagavan Shree Ranganatha. 

I liked very much the cite from "Shree Atharva-Veda" designated as "A Prayer for the Embrace of The Lord": 

उरूं नो लोकमनु नेषि विद्वान्त्स्वर्यज्ज्योतिर्भयं स्वस्ति ।
उग्रा त इन्द्र स्थविरस्य बाहू उप क्षयेम शरण बृहन्ता । ।

"Shree Atharva-Veda", XIX.15.4

O Glorious Lord! Thou take us by hand to the vast riches, bliss and to Your Parama Padham, where shines the light of knowledge, perfect peace reigns and one is free form fear of any kind. 

Your Divine Arms are strong and powerful. They are steadfast in coming to our rescue; your arms are firm in lifting us over all dangers. 

May we be blessed to find ample refuge as PrapannAs in Your strong arms! 

Cited from 
AV021 - Ranganatha mahimai v2 

Главы "Шри Сканда-Пураны" очень важные для Гаудия-Сампрадаи

Synopsis in English: Dwelling in Russian on very unusual Chapter of "Shree Skanda-Purana", which is devoted to Shree Krishna-Nama-Mahatmya and in which Bhagavan Shree Krishna makes very striking statements, for example, telling that The Name "KRISHNA" is the most superior among all Other Names of Bhagavan Shree Narayana and that even a person who worships Bhagavan Shree Krishna out of fun or hypocrisy or greedily or "even fraudulently" is considered to be a bhakta by Krishna Himself. I will write the same in English later. 

Оказывается, Кришна запихнул всю Сиддханту Шри Гаудия-Сампрадаи в одну из Кханд "Шри Сканда-Пураны", а именно в "Шри Маргаширша-Махатмью". 

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