четверг, 6 апреля 2017 г.


One of the Granthas in Hindi I am reading this spring is "Shree Hari-Bhakti-Vilasa", so some cites will be posted in my blog. 

I liked the following cite from 4th Vilasa very much due to such terms as "Dasya-Bhava" and "atma-samarpana"

"Shree Hari-Bhakti-Vilasa", 4.4:

Translation: "After Achamana and other rituals completion Shree Krishna Mandira (Temple) must be cleansed. 

And after Shree Krishna Darshana repeat Shree Krishna-Mantras (do KrishnaNamaKirtana) in Dasya-Bhava with utmost atma-samarpana (self-surrender)".

I remember only my Lord Vithala......


"The maddening love for Achyuta has invaded my consciousness. I am shouting forth The Names of God, and tearing to pieces the clothes of illusion. 

I wear the flowers offered to Lord Keshava and dance and caper in joy. 

I scratch out the wall of faults and follies, and being awfully emaciated, I fall unconscious at The Lotus-Feet of Lord Shree Krishna. 

I break to pieces the earthen pot of worldly existence; I closely pursue the straightforward people; while I pelt with stones the wicked ones. 

I am indifferent to my friends and relatives. 

I remember only my Father, Lord Vithala and dance for joy.”

Cited from "Kalyana-Kalpataru", February 1952

Name and Rasa...

The following cite is from "Kalyana-Kalpataru" (February 1952). The reference to "ShantaVilasa" by Jagannatha Panditaraja is interesting, but I could not find any information about this Grantha in google:

Яндекс-переводчик остается на второй год...

Я смотрю яндекс-переводчик увлекается двойными отрицаниями на английском. Молодец, садись, пять. 

Это я на свою беду залезла в него, чтобы найти точное выражение для "в этом не должно быть никакого сомнения", пока с Хинди на английский переводила Праманы из "Шри Хари-Бхакти-Виласы". 

Perfection and Countless Aishwarya-Gunas...

"According to Shri Ramanuja GOD is not An Attributeless One (Nirguna Brahman) Who stares at us with frozen eyes. 

In fact, Bhagavan Shree Narayana is The Abode of Countess Auspicious Attributes unsurpassed in Their Perfection.  God is The Inner Controller of the universe and is The Ground of its origination, maintenance and dissolution. 

It is He Who liberates an individual soul from transmigratory existence. 

Ramanuja repeatedy stresses The Lord's Beauty, His Grace, His Love and His Mercy". 

Cited from "Saptagiri Magazine", April 1991 issue

"Bhagavata-Purana", 1.9.33...