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"Shree Vishnu-Samhita" (6.64-65), brilliant cite about ShuddhaSphatika Vasudeva!

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"Shree Radha-Rasa-Sudha-Nidhi", Verses 123-125...

Verse 123: "O Queen Whose Lotus Feet are worshiped by the Girls of Vraja, O Queen Whose Festival Of Love is inconceivable to the great saints, O Queen Who Is The Abode Of Fathomless Nectar, please give to me the sweet glory of service to Your Lotus Feet".

Verse 124: "O Radha, when will I see You as, The Playful Moon of Your face humbly bowed, and Your veil and curling locks of hair a little lifted by Your graceful fingers, with a great splendor of sidelong glances from frightened eyes You suddenly see Your Lover?"

Verse 125: "May Shree Radha, a single ray of light from the blissful nectar moon of Whose Face makes the full moon of this world seem very insignificant, Whose Red Lips are an ocean of nectar sweetness, Who passionately loves Krishna, and Who Is His Very Life, be pleased with us".

In Sanskrit:

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"RADHA-RASA-SUDHA-NIDHIH" [Hindi-SaNskRit], edition by Shri Haridas Shastri, Kalidah-Vrindavan-Mathura, 2007



This Grantha is a kind of forgotten treasure, absolute masterpiece written by Shrila Prabodhananda Sarasvati Thakur. I will cite often this year. 

This scan had been found in Hari Parshad Das (HPD) thread on archive - https://archive.org/details/@hari_parshad_das

"Vaishnava PanchaRatra Agama Katipaya Paksha" (HINDI-SANSKRIT), by Dr. Ram Pyare Mishra, 1st edition, 1994



I liked this Grantha enormously - a lot of Shree PanchaRatra cites in pure Sanskrit. 

I will compile more extensive annotation upon reading completion. Now just simple upload to my blog.