среда, 2 июля 2014 г.

There is no turning back, when Love takes HOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD...Shreemati Krishna-Devi, Kalki-Jayanti, Ashada month and Shreemati Varahi-Devi Navaratri

This line is from Cathy Dennis "Touch Me (All Night Long)" song, which was actually was sung by Fonda Rae at first - http://goo.gl/v6LR1e

Yes, The Love of Krishna took hold of me, so I am...hehehe...hehehe...too shy to speak about what we are doing with Him........

I thought I have gobbled most of the Vaishnava Books in English, printed in Kali-Yuga, but this summer My Precious BhagavanKrishna as usually has directed me to more Books. 

I am reading the TRULY ASTONISHING biography of Om Vishnupad Parashara Bhatta (published by Vishishtadvaita Research Centre), which I will upload later. 

I also have about 20 (!!!!!!!!!!) new Books from Madhwa-Sampradaya. 

A lot of Books about SHREE-VIDYA and about the Worship of Shreemati Lalita Tripura Sundari Devi and Shreemati Durga Devi (mostly in Hindi and Sanskrit). 
As you remember Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi in "Shree Lakshmi-Tantra" asked all of us (I mean the dasis of Our Beloved Goddess Shreemati Lakshmika-Devi) to study all Shakti-Sampradaya Books and I study These Books with my heart fluttering. 
And I am always joking with Krishna, that the Books, Devoted to Him are rather boring (for example, "Bhagavata-Purana" is extremely boring) while all the Books of Shakti-Sampradaya are AMAZING AND SUPERIOUR, but Krishna never gets hurt by such the jokes of His younger and childish wife!
Still after "Saundarya-Lahari" and "Ananda Lahari" of Om Vishnupad Shankara-Acharya I am in the state of aesthetic and soul elevation, thence I am keeping the Both Books as the most precious stones in the world. 
What more? After adding some new Kavachas and Stavas to my sadhana, a third mole (bindu) appeared on my forehead!!! I will publish the photos later. Actually, I was extremely dreaming of the third mole appearing on my forehead, as I consider these bindus the Stamps of my belonging to Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi and Shreemati Krishna-Devi (hahaha, Krishna Devi, only Krishna will understand this joke of mine!!!). 

So, I was dreaming of the third bindu, which would be the sign of my belonging to Shreemati Durga-Devi as well!!!! And now the bindu is stamped on my forehead. 

What more? It is Shreemati Varahi-Devi Navaratri now, incredible and beautiful Holiday, Devoted to One of my most Venerated Matrikas!!!

And don't forget, that Ashad month will rule till the end of July 2014, but after this the Shravana Masa will follow and the very special Kalki Jayanti, the Day I am waiting for so very much. 

So the summer is extremely oversaturated with various events, so I will not write to blog very often, but I will kiss Krishna often instead...In His Most Private Parts too...And do various nasty things with Him together...And running naked in our mansion too...And making Him to go with me in the shower in the morning (Krishna is Over-Protective, so He tenderly carries me in His Hands to the shower)...HAHAHAHAHA...UMMMMMMMM....I FEEL VERY, VERY HAPPY, WHEN I AM WITH HIM ONLY...

By the way, don't forget, that Bhagavan Shree Krishna is considered to be the Highest Enjoyable Subject by Our Vaishnava Acharyas (and Other Vaishnava Acharyas too)...It means, that once you are with Krishna, you just can't leave Him, because everything will be pale, pallid and insipid in comparison with Our Black Sapphire!!!