понедельник, 5 февраля 2018 г.

Moscow (Russia) after "snow bomb cyclone" (05-feb-2018)...

In the last 3 days Moscow went through one of the most massive snow storms in the history.

It was impossible to sneak out of the apartments yesterday (too dangerous - you could be killed either by a falling tree or by damaged electricity wires or by icicles falling from the houses).

It is very calm today -  6 photos (panoramic and ordinary) of the aftermath. Izmailovsky Park (#wiki#) looks like a typical Nordic/Finland scenery now:

Heavy plumbum-tinged sky and scary white spaces with no people:

Cars crusted into snow powder:

Almost no people in the city part (by the way, very cordial scenery for those ones who have strong Saturn - a planet of coldness and justice -  in their Jyotish charts):

A falling tree is one of the most frequent death causes during Moscow storms, in this case it had damaged the bridge:

One more falling tree near another bridge (on the left) and the photo of my 7-inches Android pad and white tablet stylus (nothing prevented me from reading in the park today while walking and I have read "The Spirit of Shakti-Dharma" by Dr. Ramsewak Shukla):