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Remedy in the ocean of grief...

"The best and the noblest preventive to lust is Love. When the mind is drawn to some evil object, place some counter-attraction before it, and if the attraction is strong enough, the danger will be averted. 

He that is fond of pleasure, must seek for it, and unless you can place before him something high and ennobling that will captivate his heart, it is sure to cling to ignoble ends. 

Give a man a taste of God's love, and the baser passions will soon die in his heart as he grows in that love and learns to value it. 

He that has learnt to yearn after the Eternal Source of all joy, what allurements have the pleasures of the flesh for him? 

Earthly wine brings on nervous prostration, the liquor of God’s love brings beatific exhilaration — joy that is ever fresh and knows no end.

Earthly wine saps the physique, while the liquor of God’s love imparts a divine glow to the countenance.

Earthly drink brings on remorse, from divine drink comes the placid joy of self-complacence. 

Lust makes a beast of the man, love makes an angel of the beast.

Lust of the flesh ends in sighs and regrets, love of God brings tidings of ever-new joy to the soul:

तद् एव रम्यं रुचिरं नवं नवं  तद् एव शश्वन् मनसो महोत्सवम्
तद् एव शोकार्णव-शोषणं नृणां  यद् उत्तमःश्लोक-यशो ’नुगीयते

“To sing the praise of God — it is charming, ever new, a perennial source of exceeding delight to the mind: it drieth up even an ocean of grief.” ["Shreemad-Bhagavatam", 12.12.50] 

The Game of Bhagavan Shree Krishna...

The following beautiful Bengali song shows how the bhakta considers everything as the Will of Bhagavan Shree Krishna:

“We are like dolls in a puppetshow. 

We dance to His pleasure, we die when He strikes us dead, and live when He makes us live. 

We sing and dance to the tunes He is pleased to set for us. He knows which is good and which bad. 

Whatever He calls good is good, we have no choice. All our exultations are in His strength. 

Some of us win, some lose. Linked together in one chain as we are, He regulates our lot. 

We sit and lie, rise and run, at His bidding. He is the Player, and we the dice.”
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A mortuary, and am I to amuse myself with things like these???


Shakya Sinha's renunciation:

Shortly before Shakya Sinha's renunciation, some handsome women were introduced into his private apartments in order to seduce him to the pleasures of the world. 

One night when these women were asleep, the Prince began to observe them, and found them lying in all sorts of hideous postures, some with their necks wry, some with mouths drivelling at the corner, some with clattering teeth, and some breaking into unnatural fits of laughter in dream. 

"What is all this" -  said the Prince to himself, "but a mortuary, and am I to amuse myself with things like these?"

Shilhana Misra and the skull of a beautiful woman:

Shilhana Misra at the sight of the skull of a beautiful woman, moralises thus:

“Where is that beautiful face now which was lovely as the lily, where are those honeyed lips, where the sidelong glances of those large eyes, where that soft voice and where those eyebrows captivating as the bow of the god of Love? — so says the wind, whistling through the hollow of the mouth of a dead woman lying in a corner of a broken stretcher in a cremation ground, mocking, as it were, at those who are blind with lust".

Think of this end, and all lust after sensual pleasures will disappear.