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The Colour of Shreemati Lalita Devi

Reading the incredible elaborations of Shreeman Bhaskararaya I have memorized all the glosses, explaining that Shreemati Lalita-Devi is in very mad Love with Red and Rosy Colours.

The following elaboration of Shriman Bhaskararaya is so incredible and superb, that I was totally dumbfound when I read it. 

In Reality The Mantra 922 from "Shree Lalita Sahasranam" is One of The Mantras, dwelling on The Love of Shreemati Lalita Devi to Rosy Colours, but look at the following dazzling and luminous words of Shriman Bhaskararaya. 

So, MANTRA NO. 922

ॐ तरुणादित्यपाटलायै नमः 

OM taruNAdityapATalAyai namaH 

922. Rosy like the morning Sun

The elaboration of Shriman Bhaskararaya: 

"Shreemati Lalita Devi assumes Different Colours according to The Appearance She is contemplated. 

Hence there is no contradiction (of different colours under which DEVI appears) like SHYAMA (श्याम - zyAma), GAURI (गौरी - gaurI) and Other Colours. 

The Shruti (Br. Up., 2-8-6) says: "Just like silver, white cloth or white woollen cloth or like the colour of Indragopa stone." 

The Smrti also says: "When Shreemati Lalita Devi confers salvation She becomes Peaceful (in Appearance) and White in Colour. 

In Her Aspects as controlling women, as controlling kings, controlling men DEVI becomes Red in Colour. 

In Her Aspect of controlling wealth Shreemati Lalita Devi becomes The Colour of Saffron. 

In the action of slaying DEVI becomes Black. 

When creating enmity Shreemati Lalita MahaTripuraSundari Devi becomes Tawny

In the Shringara DEVI becomes Rosy-Coloured

DEVI, The Supreme Light is to be meditated upon as Differently Coloured as according to Her Different Activities."

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