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A Three-night Tulasi Vow

This excerpt is just for the information. 

If you would like to follow The 3Days Vrata of Shreemati Tulasi-Devi, you have to ask your Purohita for The Mantras in Sanskrit. 

The Vrata is great, but please heed the extreme attention to the following: The Vrata is just for dharma, artha, kama. 

No Moksha is stipulated. Still if you need the Most Perfect Dharma-Kama-Artha Vaishnava Upaya, it is One of best Upayas. 

Though Moksha is not stipulated, in my opinion in far-reaching outlook The Vrata of Shreemati Tulasi Devi will grant a jiva Moksha in Goloka Dhama, at least, jiva resorting to this Vow will barely remained unnoticed by Shreemati Tulasi Devi and Bhagavan Shree Krishna. 
Like the most of the Vratas from "Shree Varaha-Purana" and "Shree Padma-Purana" The 3Days Vrata of Shreemati Tulasi-Devi is very expensive. The Vrata requires The Golden Image of Shreemati Lakshmi-Devi and Bhagavan Shree Vishnu, 5 jewels and upscale charity. 
If you are interested in This Vrata from Bhakti point of view, you just can conduct all the Angas in your mind (Manasa-Seva) without desiring any phala. 

"A Three-night Tulasi Vow" - "Shree Padma-Purana", Uttara-Khanda, Chapter 25

Narada said:

1. Like this, I have, through your favour, heard the Greatness of Shreemati Tulasi-Devi. Now tell me The Vow of Shreemati Tulasi-Devi lasting for three days.

Sadasiva said:

2-9. О very intelligent brahmana, listen to this ancient Vow, having heard which a man gets freed from all sins. There is no doubt about it. 

Formerly in the Raibhyantara Kalpa there was a king (named) Prajapati. 
His well-known and very chaste wife was CandraRupa. She practised this Vow giving the fruits of all desires. 
Her Vow, giving (the fruit of) righteousness, worldly prosperity, sensual enjoyment lasted for three nights. 
The life of those who have listened to the Tulasi-yow is fruitful.

О Narada, on the ninth of the bright fortnight of Kartika, a man should observe restraint, be pious, control his senses and sleep on the bare ground. 

Intending to practise the Tulasi-Vow, he, being pure and with his mind controlled, should, as a rule, sleep in the vicinity of a Tulasi-grove. 

Then at mid-day, he, having bathed in the pure water in a river etc., should duly gratify with oblations the manes and deities. 

He should get fashioned a Golden Murti of Shreemati MahaLakshmi-Devi with Bhagavan Shree Vishnu. 

He, desiring his welfare, should not be dishonest as regards wealth. Then he should get fashioned a pair of garments. The garments should be yellow or white. 

He should duly commence the propitiatory rite for the nine planets. 

10-14. Having put an oblation of rice, barley and pulse boiled for presentation to the gods and the manes, he then should offer a sacrifice to Bhagavan Shree Vishnu. 

Having on the twelfth day carefully worshipped The Lord of gods (DevaDeva = Bhagavan Shree Vishnu, देवदेव - devadevam, The Name of Bhagavan Shree Vishnu and Bhagavan Shree Krishna), he should duly place a pure pitcher without any bruise with five jewels and with leaves and herbs. 

On it, in a vessel, he should place The Murti of Shreemati MahaLakshmi-Devi with Bhagavan Shree Vishnu. 

He should put it at the root of Tulasi to the accompaniment of Vedic and Puranic hymns. He should sprinkle the grove of Tulasi with water only. 

He should bathe The The Lord of gods, The Best One in the world, with the five sweet things (viz. पञ्चामृत paJcAmRta, that is milk, sugar, ghee, curd and honey) and to the accompaniment of this Hymn of solicitation: ‘May The Lord of gods, The Divine One, Who Is of Endless Forms, Who Is of The Form of the entire universe, Who in the water sustains the creation of the world, Who through His Maya creates the world, be pleased with me’.

15. This is the Hymn of solicitation:‘Please, Bhagavan Shree Achyuta, Devadeva, MahaTejas, Lord of the world. You always remove the darkness. Protect me from the ocean of the mundane existence.’ 

16. This is the invocatory Hymn. Good bath is (given to Bhagavan Shree Vishnu) with the five sweet things and with sandal mixed with water, so also with The Water of Ganga and other (rivers): ‘May Ananta bathed, be pleased.
17. This is the Hymn to be recited at the time of bathing the Murti. ‘O God, I have devoutly offered You the smearing with sandal, agaru, camphor and saffron etc. Please, accept it Together with Shreemati Lakshmi Devi.’

18. This is the Hymn to be recited at the time of smearing The Murti. ‘O Bhagavan Shree Narayana, Salutation to You, The Protector of jivas from the ocean of hell. O, Lord of the three worlds, I offer You two auspicious garments.’

19. This is the Hymn (to be recited) at the time of offering the garments. ‘O Damodara, my salutation to You. Protect me from the ocean of the worldly existence. I have offered You the sacred thread. О Purushottama, please accept it.’

20. This is the Hymn to be recited at the time of offering the sacred thread. This is the Hymn (to be recited) at the time of offering flowers.

21. ‘O Lord, I have offered You fragrant flowers like those of malati etc. О Lord of gods, accept them with love.’

22. This is the Hymn to be recited at the time of offering of eatables. ‘O Lord of gods, accept the betel nuts, the naga-leaves along with camphor. Please accept the tambula.’

23. This is the Hymn to be recited at the time of offering a tambula. Having devoutly offered incense, agaru mixed with guggula (a particular fragrant gum resin) he should offer the worship thus. 

He should use a burning ghee lamp. 

24-27. О best among sages, he, being controlled, should prepare various kinds of lamps in front of Shreemati Lakshmi Devi and Bhagavan Shree Narayana in the vicinity of the Tulasi-Grove, and should offer materials of worship to The Bhagavan Shree Vishnu Holding The Chakra. 
  • On the ninth he should offer the best materials of worship with a coconut for (obtaining) a son; 
  • on the tenth he should offer a citron fruit for the accomplishment of religious merit and sensual enjoyment. 
  • On the eleventh he should worship Shreemati Lakshmi Devi and Bhagavan Shree Narayana with a pomegranate. This would always destroy his poverty.

28-29. Covering with a piece of cloth, a full plate of metal and a basket full of seven kinds of grains and betel nuts, he should offer it to Shreemati Lakshmi Devi and Bhagavan Shree Narayana to the accompaniment of the following Hymn.

О Narada, listen with a concentrated mind. 

‘O God, you, with Shreemati Tulasi-Devi, please accept this material of worship always accompanied by a Conch, offered by me. О Lord of gods, my salutation to You.’ 

30-35. This is the Hymn to be offered at the time of offering materials of worship. Having thus worshipped Bhagavan Shree Vishnu, The Lord of gods, along with Shreemati MahaLaksmi Devi, he should solicit The Lord of gods for the fulfilment of the Vow. 

He should say: O Bhagavan Shree Vishnu, I, being free from sensual desires and anger, have fasted by means of this Vow. 

О Lord of gods, You Alone are my Refuge. О Janardana, let all that which in (i.e. while practising) this Vow I have done (i.e. left) incomplete, be complete through Your Favour. 

Salutation to You, О Lotus-Eyed one; salutation to You Who Lie in the water. 

О Kesava, through Your Favour I have practised The Vow. О Kesava, О You Who destroy the darkness of ignorance, being favourably disposed to me due to this Vow, be One Who would give me the sight of knowledge.’ 

Then at night he should keep awake, should sing songs, read (religious) books along with those who know sounds and art of dancing and with very auspicious and meritorious accounts.

36-43. When it is daybreak, and when the bright sun has arisen, he should devoutly invite brahmanas and offer a Shraddha in the manner of Bhagavan Shree Vishnu’s devotee. Having fed them, as they like, with sweetened milk and ghee, and having given them tambulas, flowers, sandal etc. along with presents, so also sacred threads, garments, garlands and sandal, he should feed three brahmana couples and give them garments, ornaments and saffron. 

He should also fill baskets according to his capacity with coconuts, cooked foods, garments and various kinds of fruits. 

He should make his preceptor and his wife put on the garments and divine ornaments (offered to them). He should worship (them) with sandal and flowers. He should also give a milch-cow along with articles of household use and with presents and garments. 

Listen to me who am telling you. All that religious merit which men obtain after bathing in all Holy Tirthas is obtained by them through The Favour of Bhagavan Shree Vishnu. 

Having enjoyed many pleasures and charming desired objects, he, through Bhagavan Shree Vishnu Favour, reaches Shree Vishnu-Loka in the end". 

Я даже смущаюсь от Кришниной Заботы

А Кришна хватал меня  за письку, пока я мылась под душем!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Это все новости за предыдущую кальпу и других новостей я слышать НЕ ХОЧУ!!!!!!!!!!

Масло для ванной оказалось шедевром, завтра пойду покупать другой аромат. Ну и как всегда Кришна чрезмерно балует меня и кормит конфетами! Малиновые - мои любимые...

Эта неделя оказалась просто ураганной на события. Оказывается, теперь в библиотеке Бенгалии размещены сканы некоторых Пуран - http://dspace.wbpublibnet.gov.in:8080/jspui/handle/10689/12945?mode=full&submit_simple=Show+full+item+record 

Я разжилась там Томами 1, 4, 5 "Шри Нарада-Пураны"; Седьмым Томом "Шри Падма-Пураны" (его не было у меня в сокровищнице), Отрывком из "Шри Деви-Гиты", Вайшнава-Кхандой "Шри Сканда-Пураны" и полным вариантом "Шри Агни-Пураны"!

Всё на английском и это значит, что изучение моего огромного склада Книг на Хинди снова is being postponed. 

В одном из Томов "Шри Падма-Пураны" рассказывается о трёхдневной Аскезе, Посвященной Шримати Туласи-Деви, а я не знала, что такая Аскеза существует. 

В воскресенье снова было СуперЛуние, второе за это лето. Величайший день. В такие дни все служанки МахаШакти обычно медитируют либо на Шримати МахаЛакшми-Деви в диске Луны, либо на Шримати Лалиту МахаТрипураСундари-Деви в диске Луны. 

Вообще-то такой медитации все служанки следуют в любые полнолуния (Пурниму).

На этой неделе Кришна сказал мне бросить пить чай и кофе. Четыре года я собирала чайные коллекции, пока мне уже самой это не надоело. 

Писёныш как всегда посмеивался надо мной, зная, что мне самой рано или поздно надоест...

У Кришны для меня именно такая программа: если Он видит, что я чрезвычайно увлекаюсь чем-то, Он меня буквально закидывает чаями, гитарами, игрушками и т.п., зная что позже я от всего этого отрекусь...

Вообще, это просто чудо то, как Кришна следит за каждой Своей женой. Для каждой разработана индивидуальная программа развития, с каждой девушки Кришна сдувает пылинки и смотрит, чтобы ничего не произошло. 

Я даже смущаюсь от Кришниной Заботы...Кришна, кстати, в Агамах специально очень много говорит о том, что каждая Его девушка безумно Дорога Ему, потому что каждая из нас очень индивидуальна и...и...и...только Сам Кришна в этом случае может рассказать о Своей Бхаве по отношению к Своим любимицам...