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"HISTORY OF VISISTADVAITA LITERATURE" #by V.K.S.N. Raghavan# [Ajanta Publications] ~1979~

UPDATE from 10-June-2019: enhanced scan had been added (optimized size + OCR-txt-layer in English)

DOWNLOAD (Sanskrit-English, 5MB, OCR-layer):

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: Brilliant research dedicated to Shree Ramanuja-Sampradaya PoorvAcharyas and to modern Shri Vaishnava writers as well! 

V.K.S.N. Raghavan mentions rare "AshtaksharaDipika" on page 88:

And page 90 mentions "Shree Ishvari-Shabda-Nirvachana" devoted to Shreemati MahaLakshmi-Devi:

P.S. The cover in the beginning of the post is not Grantha-native, it had been transformed and re-designed by me in GIMP. 

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