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Deluded karma buyers...

"The falsity of Samsara is also signified by the simile of dream. Further the provisional nature of men's life is described by the analogy of play. 

According to Annamayya man's day-to-day life is a drama enacted by Lord Venkateshwara.

The intermediate things happening in between the certainties of birth and death in man's life, viz., his consumption of food, wearing the garments, his seemingly happy moments are "plays" - "Natakamu".

Another comparison Annamayya gives, is that of a fair. The world is a big fair. 

The customer, viz., man comes to this fair to buy an article, namely Karma, enjoys a part of it and reserves the main portion of it for the next birth which may be either in the mortal world or in the upper world.

Annamayya bemoans men deludedly thinking of the fair itself to be the source of merriment. "Santakutamule sarasamulaya."

Purandaradasa similarly describes the provisional nature of man's life on the earth when he says: "The real house is there (in Vaikuntham). Our stay here is casual".
Cited from 
by Dr. H.L. Chandrasekhara, p. 84