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VISHNUTATVAVINIRNAYAH [VISHNU-TATVA-NIRNAYA] by ~OM VishnuPad Shree MadhvAcharya~ #translated by professor K.T. Panduranagi# [Dvaita Vedanta] 1991

(SANSKRIT-ENGLISH, 36 megabytes size): 

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: This is one of the defining Granthas by Shree Madhva-Vaishnava-Sampradaya (Dvaita, Tattvavada, OM VishnuPad Shree MadhvAcharya also known as AnandaTirtha).  

Brilliant Sanskrit-English edition by professor K.T. Pandurangi. One should know Sanskrit in order to understand the Grantha, but in case you don't know Sanskrit it will be quite understandable too. 

As usually in the case of Shree Madhva-Sampradaya there are a lot of anti-mayavadik (anti-Advaita) discourses along with the exquisite MahaVishnu-Siddhanta! 

Some technical remarks about scan optimization: In order to make the scan more convenient for cloud storages/android tablets/small SD cards and etc. I have opitimized the scan (shrinked the size from 120 MB to 36 MB) via PDF-Xchange. 

So, the above links are for the shrinked 36 MB (megabytes) version. No quality is lost and it is the same as 120 MB version. 

Still if you need the original scan (it is 120 MB against my 36 MB) you can download directly from archive.org - https://archive.org/details/VishnuTattvaNirnayaPandurangiK.T.

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