суббота, 27 мая 2017 г.

Habitbull as Shakti-Sadhana tracker...

Habitbull (link to googleplay) is one of the best technical discoveries for me in years, I have dreamt about software of this kind since 2008. 

The idea of this app is to track habits, but due to "counter" feature it is ideal for Mantras counting. The concept behing the app is "circles and chains". If you complete the task in a day (for example, recite 1008 Mantras of Shreemati MahaLakshmi-Devi in a day), the circle changes colour. 

The same with Kavachas - for example, I should recite "Shree Radhika-Kavacham" 3 times per day, so I just added counter for "Shree Radhika-Kavacha" to track the implementation of the task through the day. 

Here is on the left screenshot from my "Habitbull" (sorry, but just excerpt - some Mantras and SahasraNams I recite are rahasya and gupta, so I can't demonstrate!):

There is a free version (bad, too limited, only 5 trackers) and paid. I have purchased platinum version (just 5 usd), because for Shakti-Tantrika-girl, who recites a very heavy bunch of Shakti Mantras and SahasraNams this is "a must have" app!

In connection with this post, please also see the post about how make Mantras-counter from GoogleKeep - The counter for Shree MahaLakshmi Mantras [[[in "GoogleKeep"]]]