понедельник, 16 апреля 2018 г.

काली चालीसा [महामाया पब्लिकेशन्स्] - kAlI chAlIsA [ART-edition from mahAmAyA pablikeshans]


English annotation by Vishnudut1926: Simple, but magnificent art-edition from Mahamaya Publications! I fell in love with this art-book and its simple Hindi! 

Added to the #E-Books 01A (Shakti)#-segment of my blog!

The art is brilliant, for example, the image of 10-Arms-MahaKali (page 8):

As well as some verses, for example, "bahut sneha" verse from page 14:

So, very much recommended and 
ॐ क्रीं कालिकायै नमः
OM krIM kAlikAyai namaH