четверг, 1 февраля 2018 г.

ENHANCED SCAN - "Narada-PanchaRatram" #English translation with Sanskrit Text Swami Vijnanananda# [Parimal Publ., 1997]

DOWNLOAD (English-Sanskrit):

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: I am glad to add the enhanced scan to my E-Library! The new scan is perfect, suits ideally for 10-inches Android tabs. 

This edition is bilingual: first 300 pages in English, the rest in original Sanskrit!

The enhanced scan example:

This scan belongs to my E-Library on Cryptpad (E-Library, containing crucial and the most recommended Vaishnava-Granthas), you can visit here - #Cryptpad light E-Library#

P.S. As usually the cover at the beginning of the post is not original, had been re-designed by me in GIMP.