понедельник, 1 января 2018 г.

"The Philosophy of Visistadvaita as expounded by Sri Vedanta Desika in the Nyaya-Siddhanjana" #by Dr .M.E. Rangachar# [Sri Nithyananda Printers] ~2000~


English annotation by Vishnudut1926: One of the best Granthas about Shree Ramanuja-Siddhanta, it has the virtue of explaining complicated Siddhanta intricacies in a simple language. Very much recommended! 

This scan belongs to my E-Library on Cryptpad (E-Library, containing crucial and the most recommended Vaishnava-Granthas), you can visit here - #Cryptpad light E-Library#

Some technical details about scan optimization: The scan had been optimized by me via PDF X-Change from 168 MB (megabyts) to 50 MB. As usually no quality is lost. If you need original 168MB scan, you can find at archive.org - https://archive.org/details/PhilosophyOfVisitaAdvaitaAsExpoundedVedantaDesikaInNyayaSidhanjanaRangacharM.E.