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"ISVARASAMHITA" [Sanskrit-English] #critically edited and translated in 5 Volumes by V. Varadachari and G.C. Tripathi# ~2009~

(4 separate files #around 70MB each# - Volume 3 is absent): 

(all 4 scans #in 1 zip-archive - 260MB#):

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: I could not imagine that English translation of "Shree Ishwara-Samhita" (a part of Orthodox Shree PanchaRatra) exists, because the English translations of the Orthodox PanchaRatra are very rare. 

"Shree Lakshmi-Tantra" translated by Sanjukta Gupta and #"Shree Parama-Samhita" translated by Dr. S. KrishnaSwami Aiyangar# are just very rare examples. 

This translation is the exemplary one - a lot of wise notes and explanations for English readers, precisely edited Sanskrit and etc., the perfect example of how any Tantra/Agama translation should look like! 
Volume NO. 01 is the separate research dedicated to "Shree PanchaRatra" in toto. The Chapter NO. 16 dwelling on jiva-tattva and explaining that jiva = ChitShakti (Orthodox Siddhanta from "Shree Lakshmi-Tantram") is outstanding. Don't miss if you are collecting surveys devoted to Vaishnava-PanchaRatra-Agama! 
This scan belongs to my E-Library on Cryptpad (E-Library, containing crucial and the most recommended Vaishnava-Granthas), you can visit here - #Cryptpad light E-Library#

Some technical details regarding the scans: Originally 4 scans had been found on archive.org, but they were huge (about 230 megabytes each). As usually I have optimized via PDF X-Change, now each scan is just about 70 megabytes. If you need original huge 230 MB scans, please refer to archive.org - #Vol.01   #Vol.02   #Vol.04   #Vol.05

Vishnudut1926, Moscow, January 2018