суббота, 30 декабря 2017 г.

New simplified and minimal E-Library on Cryptpad (and my musings over the idea of digital backup as well)...

I am glad to inform my blog visitors, that I have created the light version [mirror] of my entire E-Library on Cryptpad. 

The new light version contains all core and crucial Vaishnava Granthas from my standard E-Library, but due to the compressed images, Cryptpad engine and "the unified catalogue with all-in-one" style it is faster and more convenient. 

Everybody is invited to visit and the big banner with the link will be attached to the right panel of my blog from nowadays (and forever):

The further text is the explanation of the "mirror E-Library" idea for tech-savvy persons, it will be useful in case you would like to create simplified online catalogue and feel wary about your backups.

I will explain the idea behind this mirror. As you remember
my E-Library is based on cloud drives (google drive, megaupload, archive.org and etc.).

There are 4 pages (upper tabs - E-BOOKS 001 dedicated to Vaishnava-Siddhanta, E-BOOKS 002 about Shakti and etc.) - these tabs had been designed by me as book catalogues with the links to the annotations pages with further cloud drives links. 

Actually it is a very bad idea to keep such links in one place (that is just in google blogger), because in the case of crash it will be very hard to recover a huge quantity of links gathered from 2012 upto 2018 (even in spite of the fact that google blogger has very advanced backup-system). So, the backup is critically needed especially in the case of dispersed catalogues.

I have spent half a day, thinking about such a backup. The initial idea was to create the unified catalogue via Flickr (pictures + cloud links) or Evernote/Zoho (notepad with links) or Fidus Writer docs or even Trello-like app. 

Actually, Wordpress or Tumblr are also rather good for such a catalogue, but I have been dreaming of minimal and fast nearly TXT-styled version, that's why I have paid attention to cloud notepads first of all (Fidus Writer, PiratePad, Authorea, Airborn and etc.) 

I have tested most of the decent-looking cloud notepads I have found on https://alternativeto.net/ and paused on CryptPad and Airborn.io afterwards. 

I liked CryptPad very simple interface and the idea of making a unified RTF-based and very light E-Library in just one file.

Why light? Because it is based on compressed images (book covers): all of them had been converted to 90 px height size and 85% jpeg compression rate, so they occupy 2-6 KB each.

The result is the simplified/minimal, but powerful E-Library on just 1 page!

Besides, Cryptpad has a gorgeous backup system (you can export your catalogue into HTML-file). 

So, that's the idea:

Vishnudut1926, Moscow, December 2017