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"MAHAVIRI HANUMAN CHALISA DEMYSTIFIED" #translated and annotated by Nityananda Misra# [Niramaya Publishing Mumbai] ~2015~


English annotation by Vishnudut1926: The Grantha from Shree Ramanandi-Vaishnava-Sampradaya. 

The distinctive trait of this Grantha is dwelling on "Shree Hanuman-Chalisa" as what I would name as "anti-calamity-upaya" (recited either 49 or 108 days). 

If you are well-versed in Vaishnava Tantras and Agamas, you probably know, that all Hanuman-related sadhanas are usually being used against severe bandhas of all kinds (prison, Saturn and etc.)

If not, than you can find details regarding such upayas in any Hanuman-related Tantra and in some Puranas. 

The full name of the Book:

Some technical details regarding scan optimization. The scan had been optimized by me in PDF X-Change and I shrank the scan size from 220 MB (megabyts) to 27 MB. The quality is nearly the same, still if you need original  and huge 220 MB scan - you can find it on archive.org  - https://archive.org/details/MahaviriHanumanChalisaDemystifiedNityanadaMisra