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"NARASIMHA-PURANA" #Hindi-Sanskrit# [ShriRamaNarayanaDattaJi Shastri Pandeya Rama] #VishwaVidyalaya Varanasi edition#


English annotation by Vishnudut1926: "Shree NaraSimha-Purana" is rather hard to find. I have stumbled upon this edition in one of the "Kalyan Magazine" vintage issues. 

The above-mentioned issue consisted of 846 pages and included not only "Shree NaraSimha-Purana", but some Chapters of "Shree Agni-Purana" and "Shree Garga-Samhita" (one of the Samhitas dedicated to Shree Radharani-Krishna Bhakti). 

I have extracted "Shree NaraSimha-Purana" and made a separate pdf-file. The scan is rather shabby in some places, but is perfectly readable in entirety. For example, my #recent article about Shree Ashtakshara-Narayana-Mantra# was totally based on this Hindi-Sanskrit edition. 

As for the Hindi translation - it is perfect, top-notch quality (which some English editions sometimes miss!). 

Original cover:
P.S. The multicoloured cover in the beginning of this post is not original, I have made this cover via GIMP, Prisma and Fotor to give it a more modern look!

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