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"SRIMAD RAHASYATRAYASARA OF SRI VEDANTA DESHIKA", translated by M. R. RajaGopala Ayyangar, published by Agnihotram Ramanuja, 1946

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This is the incredible edition of "Shreemad Rahasya Traya Sara". Now among the first books in my E-Library. 

I was more than impressed by the exquisite and superb English translation. While reading I have made a lot of notes, but I am going to return back to the book, as the book is truly Vishnuesque!

Another edition: see also the following edition - "Essence of Srimad RahasyaTraya Saram of Sriman Nigamanta Maha Desikar" #Dr. N.S. Anantha Rangacharya# ~2004~ - http://vishnudut1926.blogspot.ru/2018/01/essence-of-srimad-rahasyatraya-saram-of.html
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