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"PARASHARA BHATTA HIS CONTRIBUTION TO VISHISHTADVAITA", Dr. S. Padmanabhan, Sri Vishishtadvaita Research Centre, 1995

UPDATE from 30-April-2019: new enhanced scan had been added (optimized size 8MB + OCR-txt-layer in English)

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: This Book is superb and definitely worth of being read for the second time.

I was not very hasty in reading, because I was afraid of the Book coming to an end, leaving you with that void feeling of something finished, which you miss very much. 

Linguistically the Book is flawless, the part which is dedicated to the Literary Contribution (see CHAPTER IV - Literary Estimate of The Hymns of Parashara) is astonishingly unique and if you study Sanskrit and Devotional Poetry you will be happy to probe into the examples of upamas, rupakas, shleshas and etc. 

Don't miss the precis of "AshtaShloki", "Shree Guna Ratna Kosha" and other Granthas of Om Vishnupad Parashara Bhatta in the first Chapters. 

Though I have read my favourite "Shree Guna Ratna Kosha" in Sadagopan.org edition, I was overjoyed to find the marvelous precis of "Shree Guna Ratna Kosha" in this Book. 

The TOC has been embedded in the Book by me as usually (see the "BOOKMARKS" Menu in your PDF-reader or press "CTRL+B").

T H I S   S C A N   B E L O N G S   T O   T H E   F A M I L Y   O F   M Y   C O M P A C T  
 V A I S H N A V A   E - L I B R A R I E S ,   T H E Y   C A N   B E   F O U N D   O N :  
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