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"Daya-Satakam" by Vedanta Desika, English Commentary by D Ramaswamy Ayyangar, Tirumala Tirupati, 1961


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This is 1961 edition of "Daya Satakam" by Shree Shreemad Vedanta Desika.

The commentaries were compiled  by D. Ramaswam Ayyangar and the tika is superb, so I recommend this book for thorough reading.

The following annotation is from http://ramanuja.org/

"This stotra is unique in several respects. 

In the history of religious literature, Vedanta Desika is the first poet-devotee to sing a whole hymn in praise of the Lord's Daya (mercy, grace, sympathy and compassion are some of the meanings which that term connotes). 

In fact, Daya has been personified as Daya Devi and made a Consort of the Lord. 

The other Consorts, Lakshmi, Bhu Devi and Nila Devi are all dear to the Lord because they are reflections of Daya Devi. (36). 

Among all the auspicious attributes (kalyana-gunas) of the Lord, Daya is the Empress (30, 101). But for Daya's presence, all the other gunas will virtually be dosha-s (faults) in the Lord so far as we are concerned (15), as they will all help Him only to punish us for our sins. 

The Lord Himself dons Daya as a protecting armour against our sins which assail Him. (28). The two chief aspects of the Lord's supreme glory, jagat-vyaapaara and releasing souls from samsara, for which He is praised by the Vedas, are really Daya Devi's achievements (68). 

Daya is defined as the Lord's wish (iccha) to protect those in distress (71)". 


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