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"SRI YAMUNACHARYA'S SIDDHI TRAYA - THE COLLECTIVE NAME OF ATMA-SIDDHI ISWARA-SIDDHI AND SAMVIT-SIDDHI" #English by prof R. Ramanujachari# [Ubhaya Vedanta Grantha Mala Book Trust] ~1972~

UPDATE from 30-April-2019: enhanced scan had been added (optimized size + OCR-txt-layer in English)

DOWNLOAD (Sanskrit -English, 18MB, OCR-layer):
DOWNLOAD (old, non-optimized scan, 78MB):

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: Sanskrit (with Gudha-Prakasha) by Sri U. Ve. Abhinava Desika Uttamur ViraRaghavaAcharya + English translation by prof R. Ramanujachari. 

If you feel that this edition is too complicated for you, then please refer to the simplified explanations from  #"YAMUNACHARYA" by Dr. V. Varadachari#

Some technical details about scan optimization: The original scan had been found on archive.org, the size was huge as usually - 234MB (megabytes). I have optimized via PDF X-Change and made 78MB version. No quality is lost. However if you need original big 234MB scan, then you can find on archive - https://archive.org/details/SiddhiTrayaWithGudhaPrakasaByUttamurViraraghavacharyaEnglishTranslationByRamanuj

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