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"SARANAM PRAPADYE - Proceedings of the Seminar on Saranagati" [Ananthacharya Indological Research Institute] ~2007~

DOWNLOAD (English):

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: Nice compilation dedicated to Sharanagati in multifaceted aspects. Not only the view of Shree Ramanuja-Sampradaya is mentioned, but Nimbarkas/SwamiNarayan/Gaudiya/VallabhAcharya/Shakta/Shaiva/Sikhs points of view as well. 

As for me personally I liked "Sharanagati in PanchaRatra Agama" by Sadhu ShrutiPrakashaDas (starts from page 33) - this article tells about 6-Fold Sharanagati in "Shree Prashna-Samhita" and mentions "Shree Shesha-Samhita" - very good PanchaRatrik background! 

Technical details regarding the scan: Originally scan was in 2-pages binding which made it readable on big screens only. 

In order to make the scan fit into my 10-inches Android tablet I have made 1-page binding via PDF X-Change. If you need 2-pages binding scan, please refer to - https://archive.org/details/SaranaPrapadyeProceedingsOfASeminarOnSarangatiEdRameshDaveM.Articles

This scan belongs to my E-Library on Cryptpad (E-Library, containing crucial and the most recommended Vaishnava-Granthas), you can visit here - #Cryptpad light E-Library#