четверг, 25 января 2018 г.

"Magha Mahakavi" #by Chandika Prasad Shukla# [Sahitya Akademi] ~2010~

DOWNLOAD (Sanskrit-English):

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: Good philological research dedicated to "Shishupala-Vadha" by Magha Mahakavi - a poem extolling Bhagavan Shree Krishna as the destroyer of Shishupala. 

The book has a detailed analysis of all Rasas, don't miss if you are fond of Bhakti, Rasas explanations and etc. 

Chapter called "The fragrance of the fine statements" (page 103) is very interesting: it contains short maxims by Magha Mahakavi, for example:

2.65. सर्वः स्वार्थं समीहते sarvaH svArthaM samIhate - everyone is too egoistic and thinks about his benefit only

16.26. अनुहुंकुरुते घनध्वनिं न हि गोमायुरुताने केसरीanuhuMkurute ghanadhvaniM na hi gomAyurutAne kesarI - A lion roars against the thundering sounds of clouds but not against the yelpings of the jackals.

P.S. Speedread in 20 minutes for me and only 3 links to download, as the researches of this kind are not crucial for my E-Library (my blog focuses mainly on Shree RamanujAcharya and Shree MadhvAcharya Sampradayas Granthas). 
Nevertheless the research is definitely worth of reading in case you want to be more literate in Bhakti, poetic Sanskrit and Rasas!