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"THE SRI KRSNA TEMPLE AT UDUPI" ~by B.N. Nebbar~ #Bharatiya Granth Niketan# [2005]

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English annotation by Vishnudut1926: I have fallen in love with this brilliant survey, dedicated to Shree Madhwa-Sampradaya history and current state of affairs.

For me personally the main highlight of the Book is the part describing Sannyasa-system of Shree Madhwa-Sampradaya (page 154 and further). 

This Book can be divided in 2 parts:

Part 1 (the historical one) dwells on the history of Shree Madhwa-Sampradaya, biographies of Shree AnandaTirtha MahAcharya, Shree Vadiraja Tirtha and other Acharyas of Shree Madhwa-Sampradaya. 

Part 2 tells about the contemporary routine in Shree Madhwa-Mandiras. 2nd part is more than brilliant, because it is NOT somewhat "bookish" musings over abstractions, but the very enlivened part, based on real life interviews and observations. 

So, the Book is very much recommended, especially for those ones who are fond of Agamic/Tantrik Heritage of Vaishnava Sampradayas.

By the way, B.N. Nebbar also makes a lot of valuable notes, for example, he writes the following about Tantric/Agamic sources of Shree Madhwa-Sampradaya (p.216):
"Besides "The Tantrasara" of Madhva, other works which have focused in on the Madhva ritual method, drawing upon the Tantrasara of course are:

"Sannyasapaddhiti" of Vishnu Tirtha, "Yogadipika" of Narayana Pejattaya, "Padymala" of Jayatirtha, "Smrtimukatavali" of Krishnacarya and "Karmasiddhanta" of Purusottama Tirtha (the 17th pontiff of the Gokarna-Partagali Matha of the Gauda-Sarasvata Madhvas)".
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