воскресенье, 29 октября 2017 г.

Our Adorable Shree Vidya, the treasure of Sayujya-Mukti and "Shree Subhodaya-Stuti" by Shree GaudaPada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such a brilliant exceprt, I nearly started to dance (and nearly jumped out of the window) from joy!!!

I am reading "RudraYamalam - Uttara" this
cozy autumn evening (translation by Sudhakar Malaviya, Hindi-Sanskrit). Sudhakar Malaviya mentions "Shree Subhodaya-Stuti" by Shree GaudaPada!!! 

And the following excerpt about types of Mukti is not from "RudraYamalam", but from Mr. AUM Raviji article about "Shree Subhodaya-Stuti" by Shree GaudaPada (from http://www.manblunder.com/articlesview/subhagodaya-stuti)
Worshippers of manipura will get Sarshti rupa mukti, i.e. they will be able to create a place near to Srimannagaram and stay there. 
Worshippers of anahata will get Saalokya mukti i.e. they will stay in Srimannagaram.
Worshippers of visudhi will get Saameepya mukti i.e they will be blessed to worship Srimata directly.
Worshipper of ajna will get Saarupya mukti i.e they will become embodiment of Srimata.
Worshipper of Sahasrara will get Saayujya mukti i.e. they will become Srimata themself. That means there will be no difference between Srimata and Sadhaka.
Srividyopasana will result in both bhoga and moksha. Both samayacharis and kaulacharis will get these two results. But, Saayujya mukti will be get by Samayacharis only.
A sadhaka who worship Srimata in Samayachara will become a yogi and he will flourish like Surya during day time, like Chandra during night time and like Agni during Sandhya time.