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"BRAHMAN - THE SUPREME BEING IN BRAHMASUTRAS" #by Dr. Raghavendra Katti# [Sri Vyasa Madhva Samsodhana Pratisthana] ~2013~

UPDATE from 03-May-2019: enhanced scan had been added [optimized size 21MB + OCR-txt-layer in English]

DOWNLOAD (Sanskrit-English, 21MB, OCR-layer):
DOWNLOAD (old scan, 77MB, without OCR):  #BOX #ARCHIVE.ORG

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: Very profound research from Shree Madhva-Vaishnava-Sampradaya (Dvaita Vedanta, TattvaVada). 

It will be very useful in case you seriously study Vedanta and especially Shree Vaishnava-Vedanta, of course. 

The conclusion at the end of the Book is very beautiful - it says "The Brahman is VISHNU only":

T H I S   S C A N   B E L O N G S   T O   T H E   F A M I L Y   O F   M Y   C O M P A C T  
 V A I S H N A V A   E - L I B R A R I E S ,   T H E Y   C A N   B E   F O U N D   O N :  
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