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"THE MYSTICISM OF POYGAI ALVAR" #by R. BalaSubramanian# [Vedanta Publications] ~1976~

UPDATE from 30-April-2019: enhanced scan had been added [optimized size 3MB + OCR-txt-layer in English]

DOWNLOAD (English, 3MB):
DOWNLOAD (old, non-optimized scan, 35MB, without OCR): 

English annotation by Vishnudut1926: This is unique and rare edition, it is the first time I have found the Grantha in English entirely dedicated to Poigai Alwar (The Avatara of Divine Conch of Bhagavan Shree Vishnu from Dwapara-Yuga)! 

The 2nd part of this edition has an English translation of selected 51 Verses from the masterpiece "Mudal Tiruvantadi" by Poygai Alwar. 

Very, very, very much recommended for any Ramanuja-Sampradaya Library! 

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